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I must feel to know

By keiiii
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Painted in Adobe Photoshop CS4 from scratch
Wacom Intuos tablet used

Two-page spread from my comic, which you can read here --> [link]

Some people probably won't like this picture because it doesn't have a busty chick or a sparkling vampire, or because it's hard to even figure out what the hell is going on in the picture (without reading the preceding pages, at least)... It's not the most accessible picture I've done. It is, however, my best work to date IMO, so I hope at least some of you will find it to your liking. :D

For those of you who don't want to read the comic, here is an explanation: character A is melting into character B. It's a visual representation of something akin to Vulcan mind meld.
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Fascinating flame transformation I suppose.
Oclius's avatar
Wow! This is so intense! Jawdrop 
AutumnCzun's avatar
I like this picture, but... where is the rest of his body?
keiiii's avatar
Consumed/ integrated into the other one already. :ohnoes:
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Whoa. This is so awesome!
MoonTernura's avatar
Feels like flaming heaven...inner battle...
Pearlpencil's avatar
Great work here :)
vtas's avatar
ahh I love this *u* awesome concept and coloring!
laurelineparis's avatar
such an awesome painting
iSketchalot's avatar
Wow, that's very intriguing!
sauravs911's avatar
Lovely ! The flames are so captivating !
ApachiChief's avatar
Made me think of The Mortal Instruments Series, awesome books. Absolutely stunning!
Hirukafox's avatar
This is spectacular!! There is so much to keep the eye entertained, and it has feeling to it! I can't take my eyes off this master piece!
itchiro500's avatar
I have absolutely NO idea whats goin on here, but it looks awesome o.o
charligal-stock's avatar
Ur grasp of lighting is incredible.
marcgosselin's avatar
Absolutely amazing!
marcgosselin's avatar
Absolutely amazing!
leafoflov3's avatar
lleon09091992's avatar
omg i love your colors)) in every work
dreckitude's avatar
just stunning.
your use of color is mindblowing. and composition. and just everything
poor chi-min LOL
ButterfleyeStudio's avatar
I don't need to know what's going on. It's spectacular all on it's own and I enjoy trying to think of the different scenarios that could be occurring. :)

khaamar's avatar
Love the amount of colors you used and how you so well nailed to mix them! The detail is great, especially on the flames (probably was the simplest thing you did but I personally find very hard to paint so kudos).
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