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Guys, please check out my ongoing webcomic, HEART OF KEOL! 

You can read it on the main site
or follow it on Tapastic
and it's also on Comic Fury

A troubled young man from the good ol' US of A finds himself lost in a strange new world. Adventures, culture shocks, plot twists and drama ensue. 

I've been pouring my heart into it (no pun intended). It's far from perfect, but I hope you'll enjoy what it has to offer.
All art used in this "trailer" are from actual panels appearing in the comic, except for the "flutter" one which I drew as a banner/ widescreen wallpaper. 
Photoshop CS4 + Wacom Intuos as usual.
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WayTooEmily's avatar
Ooh, pretty! 

Don't mean to sound pushy, but is Haru Sari going to continue?
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Eek, sorry for the late response! Haru-Sari is on indefinite hiatus because I kind of wrote myself into a corner. I have the X and Z figured out in the plot, but the Y eludes me. :ohnoes:
WayTooEmily's avatar
Ah, I see! I can totally relate to that, haha... ^^;

Please take as much time as you need, in that case! Looking forward to its return ^_^
lindsy95's avatar
I feel silly for finally getting around to reading the other comic all the way through lol
keiiii's avatar
Nooo, don't feel silly! I put my heart into the other one too; I would be finishing it (or have finished it a while ago) if it weren't for that writing issue I ran into. ;_; 
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 Soooo, does this mean you're abandoning your old comic entirely? *will seriously be reading this one too, but wants to have the mysteries of the other resooolllved* XD

*not trying to be a pest*
keiiii's avatar
It's on indefinite hiatus. I would love to finish it, but I can't seem to solve this writing-related problem that stands between point X and point Z in the plot. :(
I have so much to learn as a writer. 
Kalietha's avatar
Ack, I know how that can be. I have a similar problem in a book I'm trying to write.
TAHernandez's avatar
Aww, I'm sad to hear that Haru-Sari is on indefinite hiatus. I love that comic and I have been so eager to see how it ended. Knowing what a great story-teller you are though, I'm sure this will be great too and I look forward to reading it.
Mythee's avatar
Oh hey, you... you actually started it! I thought this was going to be novels?! Comic for immediate public consumption = HOORAY! 8D
*pirouettes over to read*
kurisutaru's avatar
So THATS where you been! But.. but.. what about Haru-Sari?
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theonlytoner's avatar
Ooooo gonna start reading now ^^
nikogeyer's avatar
Looking great so far -- added to my RSS feed! Glad to see you're back to drawing comics.
dustinwilson's avatar
Yes. Happy birthday Keiiii. New comic. What happened to your old one?
dustinwilson's avatar
Ahh nevermind. Should have read your response earlier. :)
spreston's avatar
Happy birthday Keiiii~! Good luck with the comic, I've subscribed!
keiiii's avatar
Wow, I haven't talked to you in forever! Thanks for the birthday wish/ luck/ subscribing ^^ 
spreston's avatar
Yeah it's been awhile. I miss the old #artcorner days. But I'm happy you are doing okay and drawing again :)
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Yay! New comic =D
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Wait, is haru sari over? What is this?!
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Haru-Sari is on indefinite hiatus until I can figure out how to unstuck myself from a writing problem that I ran into! It's been over a year and I still can't figure it out. DX Basically, I'm at W, and I know Y and Z. It's the X that's refusing to work.
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