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Fire Emblem Sketch Request - round 6

By keiiii
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from gamefaqs - "Noire with bazooka"

from gamefaqs - "Super Robot Awakening"
I have... lots of memories of watching my bro play the hell out of Super Robot Wars games. I love the super robots. So silly and over the top! The voice acting for the Shin Getter Robot lead pilot is one of my favorites. His voice is quite unique. STONER SUUUUN-SHIIIIIIIIIIIINE! Picked Yarne for this since he has the loudest voice.

The most ridiculous robot EVER in that series is probably the female robot who shoots her boobs. @_@ I... don't know which FE:A character could pull that off. Aversa?

from :iconsorakh28: - "Emmeryn Chrom childhood"
Widdle Chrom got a boo-boo.
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I love the first panel, it made me laugh so hard when I imagined berserk Noire blasting down enemies with her bazooka.
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Yeah, I can see her killing everything... yeah...

Lol, boob guns. Pfft XD

Awesome job XD
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That female robot doesn't have boob guns... She doesn't shoot bullets out of her boobs like fembots. Her boobs are missiles! X______x Truly frightening.

Super Robot Wars also has this one robot that shoots something out of its groin area. I'm not sure if that's where the projectile actually comes out of, or if it just looks like that because of the angle or whatever...
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..... so- you're saying. She technically has no boobs. Instead- her chest is the weapon O_O
That is indeed fear.

Haha, I feel like the groin beam is also from No More Heroes =p
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@_@ Is that the ~*moe*~ game? The one where you save on toilets?
Staargazer's avatar
Really? Is it moe? O_O I have no idea- I just know of it from my friends. O_O I thought it was a fighting game with blood and stuff..
keiiii's avatar
It's not moe, but there's this clip of the main character whispering "moe" in this... unique tone.
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Oh my... I just watched it. It was.. interesting. O_o
keiiii's avatar
I think that's an appropriate reaction for anything from that game XD
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Considering the damage my Richen!fathered Noire blasts her way through enemy ranks, that bazooka (and expression) are appropriate.

Yarne is so loud! Especially his "No, YOU GO EXTINCT!"
Aversa is totally a Fembot, her confession CG even tries to smother the Avatar with her boobs.

Widdle Chrom's outfit! So cute. Though what Emm is telling him could be kinda tragic if you apply it to a later event when they're older...
MarkofWisdom's avatar
Adorable Chrom, Awesome Noire and pretty cool Yarne. Love it. Also yes Aversa would be the Awakening character most like that robot
hannahbbug3's avatar
D'awww, little Chrom!
Gallade-X-treme's avatar
Dat blood & thunder tho. :iconpffplz:
Sorakh28's avatar
Awwwww, thank you for making my request! They look so amazing, all of them!
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This is too good, Chrom made me make utter a d'aw noise men shouldn't make
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Noire with Bazooka is best ever. That facial expression.
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Brilliant work, as per usual. Bazookas make everything better. :D
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XD omg Noire! ( Also, great job I knew who it was before i even looked at the description! )
These are so awesome. ;_;
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