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Fire Emblem Sketch Request - round 5

By keiiii
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from gamefaqs - "Kjell without armor"
with Severa, who feels flabby in comparison.

from gamefaqs - "battle bunny class"
I don't think Panne is running around half-naked. Yarne is clearly wearing a fur loincloth, so I assume Panne's wearing fur short-shorts, quite possibly made out of taguel fur. In one of my stories with shapeshifters, I had them wearing garments made of their own fur (either their own, or from a fellow shapeshifter of same species), which would meld into their bodies upon transformation instead of being ripped apart. Maybe it works like that with the taguel.

Uhhhh, this doesn't constitute mature content, does it? 'bad enough to make Lon'qu uncomfortable' isn't exactly saying a lot.

from :iconshianne: - "A mother's love"
Almedha from that one CG still scene in FE10.
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Why are you people so offense by halfnaked character
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Kjelle, such a ripped bod! Which is perfect considering she's mostly likely to benchpress.

I like your theory on the fur, because the "no pants" theory is really, really odd. Though I do think Taguel are hairier than beast laguz, just look at their necks and wrists!

Oh Almedha. She's a rather tragic mother considering she'll likely never have a functional, let alone happy relationship with her son. (And poor Pelleas ends up with nothing at the end..if he even survives)
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The light of stone is so beautiful.
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Taguel's "fur shorts" are their pubes, as awkward as that is. >_> You can see in the OA and concept art that it goes around back with their tail and whatnot, so it's actually attached to their bodies. You can also see that the fur goes into a happy trail up to their belly button, which means it has to be attached. So.. yeah. Pubic hair. LONG public hair, but still pubic hair nonetheless. Yay awkwardness!

But it's still always nice to see Lon'qu freak out.
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Yeah, I was looking at the official art as I was drawing this. I figure the trail that goes up to their navel IS pubic hair, and the shorts are designed to go with the tail. If the shorts are made of the same material as the pubic fur, this can certainly result in a seemingly seamless shorts + tail look.

See? Yarne's wearing a loincloth and the tail looks like it's a part of it! [link]

Unless male taguel simply have much longer pubic fur ......... that's a disturbing thought, Yarne running around half naked.
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Like I said.. awkward! haha
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Yeah, definitely sticking with the creatively cut fur bottom theory...

and people complain about Nowi's outfit.
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Only because "she looks like a little kid". Though, I can understand where they're coming from. At least, since she wears shorts, that should reduce the level of panty shot fanart that Tiki's had to deal with over the years.

Not sure why Panne/Yarne get off free.
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One more thing supporting the fur being clothing theory: Panne and Yarne's official art versus their portraits. They don't have their neck fur in their official art. So SOME of those furry parts are removable, at least, although that might not apply to their pelvis region.

On a semi-related note, Taguel!(F)Morgan is sooo adorable. :heart: Too bad the Taguel class isn't the most useful.

If the fur is all growing where they are seen, then their distribution is so silly. Yarne has baby butt armpits. And no hair on their feet!?
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Awakening designs are pretty strange in general.

Although, I guess I shouldn't forget Volug back in FE10 who doesn't even have nipples. :B
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Male nipple omission is quite common, though.

And yes -- Awakening designs are quite strange!
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Taquel fur is a mystery to me just like how the laguz transform back and forth with their clothes intact.
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My Kjelle would look so much better if she didn't have Gregor's hair color.
I think she looks best with dark hair ( or maybe her mother's hair color..? )
Lon'Quuuuuuuu! XD I love him so much.
I wasn't sure about the fur stuff on Panne either, hmmmm..

One of these days I will have to try and play one of the other FE games.
I like these types of battle systems because of FFT but Awakening was my first in the FE series.
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