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Fire Emblem Sketch Request - round 5



from gamefaqs - "Kjell without armor"
with Severa, who feels flabby in comparison.

from gamefaqs - "battle bunny class"
I don't think Panne is running around half-naked. Yarne is clearly wearing a fur loincloth, so I assume Panne's wearing fur short-shorts, quite possibly made out of taguel fur. In one of my stories with shapeshifters, I had them wearing garments made of their own fur (either their own, or from a fellow shapeshifter of same species), which would meld into their bodies upon transformation instead of being ripped apart. Maybe it works like that with the taguel.

Uhhhh, this doesn't constitute mature content, does it? 'bad enough to make Lon'qu uncomfortable' isn't exactly saying a lot.

from :iconshianne: - "A mother's love"
Almedha from that one CG still scene in FE10.
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Why are you people so offense by halfnaked character