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Fire Emblem Sketch Request, round 2

By keiiii
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From left to right:
from gamefaqs board, "Cynthia kissing Lucina"
I don't think this is what they meant, but HEY.

also from gamefaqs board, "Lon'qu x Gregor"
When I see the x between character names, I can't help but think it in a romantic situation. This is not exactly romantic, though -- just putting these two men in Gregor and Avatar C support.

"Priam, Ike, Ragnells" from :iconkumikoalastar:
I only drew one Ragnell. Oh well OTL
I think Priam's stubbles are adorable!
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Gregor would drool. And snore. /fav
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Nice, I can't help it I miss a bunch of Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn /Path of Radiance characters!! :sniff: I just miss Laguz I guess but the character in Awakening are great to, just love the old ones to much I guess :) Thanks for the nice drawing ideas!
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:iconishipthemsohardplz: I didn't know Priam had Ragnell (since Awakening still isn't released in Europe, and I think I already said it 30 times to you), my heart just broke ;m;
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Aw, kiddie versions! They're all so cute to imagine (and it's funny to think Cynthia and Severa just never gave up the pigtails their mommy's styled them with)
Hey, grumpy Lon'qu at least Gregor isn't hogging the covers!
Stubbly chin and mullet- make me think Priam is even more laid back than Ike. Which is hard to achieve.
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I'd love to see the sketch of Priam and Ike turned into a finished work!
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Eeee, it looks great! :iconiloveitplz:
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Priam!! Omg. Oh really nice. Waiting for him to come out. And Lucina + Cyn is sooo adorable ^_^
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Hehe! So wish I could color some of these. Lucina and Cynthia one would look great in a semi-moe style!
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They sooo would. But this set is perfect the way they are (unless you want to make them more perfect!).

I think 2 color pictures really bring out some details. Lon + Gregor and Prim + Ike. Yeah, really pops out at you.
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Aaaand adding THAT to favorites. :D

...Still hoping for that Gregor x Heavy suggestion that was made in that thread, by the way. ;D
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I don't get the Heavy part D:
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Team Fortress 2, mang. :D
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