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Fire Emblem Sketch Request - round 1

By keiiii
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From left to right, the requests were:

"Female, Imposing Axe" from :iconsilverfox442:
War Cleric!Lissa. Love those Imposing Axes, man.

"One-piece Swimsuit Lucina" from :icongunarmdyne:
I do not ship Gerome and Lucina. I'm indifferent towards that pairing.

"Inigo Dances Fancily" from :iconselaphi:
What he would have looked like if the game had male dancer class. He gets bigger versions of those spiky rings instead of smaller spiky rings + veil. The idea of this whole picture is totally silly but aesthetically very nice. @_@

More to come!
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avi17's avatar
Oh my god, I love the third one XD
keiiii's avatar
Such a shame that we never get to see it in the game!

I just realized I forgot to put the dancer sparkles in that pic :ohnoes:
avi17's avatar
I know right? He ended up as an amazing Hero (with Lethality from dad :D) in my game, but I would have turned him into a dancer in a second if I could have. XP

Hahaha oops XD
Vinprart's avatar
Dang, Lissa. Enemies, beware!

I like that the goggles replace Gerome's mask and Lucina's tiara. I almost didn't notice that Lucina wasn't wearing her tiara there.

Inigo looks great. I really like his pose and expression.
Eeni's avatar
mmmmm.... Eliwood and his son Roy playing with wooden swords *_*
Addmon's avatar
I never realized how much I wanted beach-wear Gerome and Lucina until this moment.
Celestial-Gold's avatar
Oh man, I adore that design for a male!Dancer! XD And it doesn't seem any sillier than cage skirts on female battle clerics! Haha, Ijust love picturing Inigo as the dancing prince.
Nice job not getting fanservice-y with the swimsuits. I really like how slimly built Lucina is, and a onepiece seems much more her style than a bikini- much more practical.
All the axes are silly! But you gotta love how Lissa just swings hers around like a basket of flowers.
keiiii's avatar
On the other hand, one could argue that Lucina might choose the most ridiculously fanservicey suit because of her wonky fashion sense!

I wonder if dancer!Inigo would have sparkles just like his mom...
Celestial-Gold's avatar
True! With Lucina's fashion sense, it's hard to tell if you'll get practical or gaudy.

He totally should! Pink or otherwise, it's part of the outfit right? (I also noticed with the Confession CGs some girls had pink sparkles while others had blue)
Kirostyle's avatar
Hahaha that dancer Inigo design...strangely works well. XD
Imposing axes are so ridiculous, it's amazing XD
keiiii's avatar
See, I love how in FE:A the male dark mages and male sorcerers look just as ridiculous and scantily clad as their female counterparts. Sure, the female ones are designed to be sexy, while the male ones are just... flamboyant (without necessarily being gay or sexy), but the ridiculousness is there in nearly equal quantities.

The dark mage and sorcerers' gender equality has inspired me for Inigo's costume! It's not as revealing as Olivia's though, so I might make some fancy decorative holes on the bottom half of his suit if I ever get to color this one...
Kirostyle's avatar
Hahaha, that's true! I remember promoting Henry to sorcerer for the first time and going "...oh...I see...wait what is this-" Hahahaha. Looks a tad different on the enemy dark mages and sorcerers since they have those tribal headgears, I suppose. XD Looking forward to seeing more of your sketch outtakes!
Selaphi's avatar
Finally! It's so perfect! XD
I like your take on the costume if it were on a male, really nice.

Lissa is lookin badass with the axe, better run!
keiiii's avatar
Glad you like it! I was inspired by how the male dark mage and sorcerer outfits are just as ridiculous (though not as appealing, arguably) as their female counterparts. :D
Selaphi's avatar
LOL! That's like when I put Henry into Sorcerer, I was immediately like
"Oh god, please downgrade into dark mage.. ;_;"

keiiii's avatar
Libra doesn't look too bad as a sorcerer. Henry, on the other hand... it's so weird to see him go from a scrawny boy with stick limbs to a more normal build. Same can be said if you reclass him to any of the barbarian classes. So silly-looking indeed.
Selaphi's avatar
Yeah Libra can rock it but HENRY LOL
I put Henry in warrior the other day and it's just terrifying XDD

I love when I put my morgan in it, hes like "do I look like my mother in this?"
keiiii's avatar
I love Morgan. It's just as bad when F!Morgan changes into Bride and goes "do I look like my father in this?" :lol:
Selaphi's avatar
Yes!! XD
So silly.
Morgan is good, I was recently trying a lunatic file and accidentally saved over my file when trying
to fill out supports with the ladies.. ;_; so I am married to Cherche and I didnt wanna marry her.
Its not the end of the world but it was a bit of a let down.

Though I suppose Morgan will have pretty hair now. :'D
keiiii's avatar
I love Morgan (M) so much. ;_; wish the game gave you identical twin male Morgans (one named Morgan, the other Marc) with F!Avatar so F!Avatar could have two children, unless she marries Chrom.
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SilverFox442's avatar
Wrong people linked on the first and last requests.

That aside, I approve of this greatly.
keiiii's avatar
Whoops, fixing that in a moment.
endspire's avatar
Lol at Gerome... He would wear goggles....

And I'm not quite sure what to think about Inigo, but it is FABULOUS XDDDD
keiiii's avatar
If I had more time and the means/ know-how, I would totally make a Dancer!Inigo vid to the Fabulous song.

Gerome's goggles would be one of those ultra-reflective ones!
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