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Fire Emblem Sketch Request - Round 4

By keiiii
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From left to right:

"Lissa, Maribelle, beach" from gamefaqs

"Grima, Avatar, duel" from gamefaqs
So which one is which?

"Sorel chillaxin'" from :iconvelkynkarma:
I'd missed drawing Soren. Such a pretty boy he is.
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Ah! I didn't know you took sketch requests! OAO Next time I'll catch it for sure! -runs off with Soren-
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I love the fact that your "duel" prompt turned into a rock paper scissors duel. Rally SPF is pretty fun too, though it took me a while to get the joke.
Celestial-Gold's avatar
Now there's the fanservice...but those bathing suits are really cute!
Ha, I can just imagine them walking 30 paces and whipping out overpowered tomes. (I really wish there was light magic)
I'm so glad Soren's a Spotpass character! Recruited him and made him a tactician, as he should be :P
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Rally SPF: adds +20 RES against light magic.

I was so happy I could have a Tactician!Soren in my party too!
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Light magic! How I miss you (the Book of Naga could've been THE BEST light tome like in FE4 arg)

Yes! It's the perfect class for him! (Though I'm totally grinding him through several classes to get him lots of skills- like Vantage, closest thing to Adept I can find).
PheonixAurora's avatar
Omgs I love Soren! :D These are awesome! XD
VelkynKarma's avatar
Haha, of course Soren relaxes with a book :XD:

Kramgnauh's avatar
Whoo!! Fan service!! :D
Kirostyle's avatar
You are a genius. XD
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