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Fire Emblem Sketch Request - Round 3

By keiiii
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Just one request in this image

Prologue in three difficulty settings ...
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Like... for a second I thought the horse was Sumia lol (Though the ears were her hair... decoration thingie)
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Oh Lunatic mode... I'm still determined to beat it. I never played hard, but I'm still on chapter 19 and I got the game close to when it came out... I don't know what I'll do when I get lunatic plus.
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if you play Lunatic +:

Step 1: Buy the exponential growth DLC
Step 2: Grind like hell
Step 3: Pick a God and Pray

if you don't do as I say, dead you'll be!
Prince-Stephen's avatar
Ho my, I could only play the demo version of the game, yet I think your drawing illustrates marvelously well the different difficulty settings! XD
keiiii's avatar
Thank you! Lunatic scares me :< Hard mode 4 lyfe heer
Prince-Stephen's avatar
You are very welcome! Yes, you're right, because normal mode is waaaay too easy! :D
Phinnimonster's avatar
Hahah. Why is Lunatic so much incredibly harder than Hard mode... that Lunatic+ must be total trollmode.
I started playing the game again (but on Hard mode a second time, think I'll save that Lunatic for the summer...) and Frederick was just riding along, bringing down enemies in one turn, only getting one damage each... and then someone came along with a hammer and he died instantly and I got genuinely startled haha. I went through the entire game the first time without that ever happening. :')
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Chapter 1 has the Hammer Fighter. Do try keeping Fred and whoever you pair him with near a fort and pick a god and pray for whenever you see a Hammer.
keiiii's avatar
Lunatic+ is HARDCORE TROLLING. I haven't even played it, but from what I hear, resetting to avoid certain enemy skills? That's trolling, man. Serious trolling.
GoldenSunSheba's avatar
Fredrick all like, "Come at me Bro!"
Celestial-Gold's avatar
My gosh, LUNATIC. I made it through the first level but that second? A RISEN HAS A HAMMER, FRED KEEPS DYING! whyyyy
And then thhere's lunatic +...

lunatic +.......

DelicateRosebud's avatar
This is ridiculously accurate! The first few chapters of Lunatic were absolute hell.
OneWingedHeron53's avatar
I barely made it passed the Prolouge on Lunatic...

Now I'm stuck on Chapter 2...

...Man, if I have a hard time on Lunatic, it's going to be hell for me on +
keiiii's avatar
Gonna be honest, I chickened out of Lunatic Chapter 1. Hard mode 4 lyfe
OneWingedHeron53's avatar
Actually, I chickened out the first time around. Then I found some tips online and decided to try again. Which got me to where I am, stuck on Chapter 2.
Kramgnauh's avatar
lol normal, hard and freakin Lunatic XD
How about Lunatic +
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Lunatic+ would probably be the same dude, but with a glowing eye (Hawkeye) and a champion's belt with the Counter icon engraved on the center.
Artxet's avatar
I was never so afraid of a simple hammer before. D: Yikes.
keiiii's avatar
Drats, should've given the Lunatic!Barbarian a hammer.
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