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FE sketch request - Silence and Tenure

By keiiii
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request from gamefaqs... could not pass this up.

I am a bad person.

Why isn't Lon'qu wearing the female myrmidon outfit? Well, since Vaike got a brand new design (by necessity), it was only fair to give her the same treatment -- feminized version of his official outfit. The myrmidon classes have a distinct Asian flare in this game, so I gave her long flowing kimono sleeves.
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I can just hear the female voices... I imagine Vaikes would sound similar to Flavia and for Lon'qu, a soft, quiet tone.

I love this, Lon'qu makes such a pretty woman XD and Vaike himself.... herself?.... Vaike's pretty
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Oh God...

NIcely done haha.
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I hear that "nicely done" in Avatar's voice.
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Gamefaq's requested this? Daym, aren't you a rising star. :3 Nice work.
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Haha, not the site, just some people from the forum. :)
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Vaike, I don't think you'd make a very proper girl, if only because I can't believe with all your battle-bouncing you'd keep those breasts holstered.

Whoa, does Lon'qu's Swordmaster outfit really bare so much of his chest? I'm going to have to investigate this!

(and nice genderbend)
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It's not Vaike's fault! They didn't have anything for EE breasts, so she had to make do with the standard B/C one.

Seriously, I think Awakening's official art could use more body type and skull shape variation.
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Vaike's just too much woman to handle!

Oh definitely, but same could be said for most JRPG casts. Though I got all freaked in the Barracks when I saw how tiny Nowi and Ricken really are next to everyone else. Now it'll be hard for me to pair them with full-grown adults as I can't just rationalize their backstory and portraits THAT HEIGHT DISPARITY!
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Yeah, build and face variety is lacking in a lot of games, animes, comics, etc. It's not limited to Japanese-originated things either! A lot of artists (myself included) have that problem to varying degrees.

I love Nowi and Vaike together (their supports seem so RIGHT for Nowi) but they're probably as bad as you can get with height/ size disparity...
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Cannot unsee.

brb, throwing eyes away

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Keep your eyes until after you see my next set of genderbent Awakening characters! :iconimhighplz:
I have to admit, you've left me speechless with your artwork. >>;
This is so beautiful. <3
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