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Ever So Gently

By keiiii
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Phoenix from my comic Haru-Sari. This image will be used for the cover of Chapter 20. :) You can read the comic here ---> [link]

:bulletorange: In case you're wondering about that extraneous eye around her cheekbone, she has four eyes (even though you can only see three of them at this angle).

:bulletorange: Her hair is supposed to be a brighter shade of red, but I think this darker, earthy red really works better for this particular picture.

:bulletorange: I was feeling very ambitious when I started coloring this picture. The result is not even half as good as what I was aiming for; still, it's one step closer to the kind of style I want! 'Closer' is always good, even if it's not yet quite 'close.'

:bulletorange: Sketched and painted in Adobe Photoshop 7.0.
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Wow! Excellent work this is gorgeous :D
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This is so beautiful! :heart:
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Amazing work :heart: Love the colours and the lighting~
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Splendor and delicate in all its significance.
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)This is really amazing! I love her! Good ob with the ears :)
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Omg i found another thing in all the amazing pictures that you have drawn that truly captured my eye. The colors look so amazingly natural and her hair is just gorgeous! And I love hot the wigs kinda frames the picture. Its totally amazing!
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:) I'm glad you like it so much.
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This is amazingly beautiful. C: I could stare for hours.
To be honest, I didn't see the third eye until you mentioned it.
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hello! I've been looking at some pictures which is perfect for my project in english and I found yours. Is it okay for me to use your work as my cover for my english project?
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Sure. It's a school project, right? I just need you to give me full credit, and if it's okay, I'd like to hear more about the project. I'm curious about it since you said my picture is perfect for it. :D
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WOAH, Photoshop 7?! Holy buh-jeebus, that's beautiful!
Must see your comic now. :D
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Photoshop 7 isn't all that bad! :) It's old, but I've used older.

The comic is not everyone's bag of tea. Hope you enjoyed/ will enjoy it, though :D
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So far, I like it, but I haven't gone past chapter 1 yet. Looking forward to more of it, though. :D
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XD Chapter 1 was done back in 2005. I kind of didn't know what I was doing back then.
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lol, that's ok. I was the same way with my current comic project. I didn't know what I was doing back in 2008. xD
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Wait, this is a PHOENIX? I thought it was an angel?

But ignoring the creature type...

WHOA. WHOOOA. WHOOOOOOOOA. Oh. My. God. Such a beautiful thing! It's gorgeous! I love it! :heart:
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:) Phoenix is just her name. She's actually an elf (look at her ears).

Glad you like it so much! :D
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Oh. I know she's an elf. ^.^

I find it creepy that she has a 3rd eye, though.
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She has a fourth one, too! XD
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