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Do we fall like the stars

By keiiii
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Or do we fade away?

* * *

Every time I come back to this picture, there's something new that catches my eye... something that screams "FIX MEEEE!" Well, guess what, picture? Too freaking bad. I've spent enough time on this bugger, and I like the overall feel of it. So there. 

In fact, I like the overall feel so much that I'm really wishing I still had a good photo printer. I'd love to see how this looks on paper. Now I only have a B&W laser printer

You'd think this is my favorite character from that upcoming story of mine, but that's not necessarily the case. I love all three main characters equally. Tiger-boy simply happens to be the most fun to draw. I still need to exercise self control and start working on owed art, instead of coloring the other half dozen pics of this guy

As usual, drawn and painted using Adobe Photoshop CS4 + Wacom Intuos 4XL
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He's really cute, I love the cat ears and the tail!  This is really nice.
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I love this.  It's amazing.   The pose and the lights are lovely. 
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Great piece of work!
Thanks for sharing...
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Very well done! Fantastic detail.
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This is just too beautiful to handle *takes up a rope*
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Beautiful work. Very well done.
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Damn this is amazing... This pose, composition, light~ and my dear that coat! O:
How can I draw him without totally ruining him? ಥ__ಥ
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I have faith in you! :#1:
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* sob * your art is so beautiful! He looks so cool! Ahhhhhhhh
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Beautiful--a masterpiece!
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This is SOOO BEAUTIFUL OH MY GOD :wow::omg: The colours are stunning!!! :clap: :love:
keiiii's avatar
Aww, thank you! *is overwhelmed a little* :heart:
ShaolaBee's avatar
No problem! It really is a beautiful piece of art! Be so proud!! :clap: :love:
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I love his flowing cape, glowing eyes, and those long cat feet! =3 He does look very cool! And those statues are awesome! XD I don't mind seeing more of him!
keiiii's avatar
Thank you. I will certainly be doing more pictures of him after I clear out my todo list! :D
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Wow! This is so awesome! The background is stunning. I love it
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mesmerizing. Really really good.
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The color and composition in this are excellent as has already been said, but what I really like is how well it works together with the title and bit of text in the description. The sharp value contrast between the dark character and bright sky draw your attention immediately to the striking image up at the top, which has a powerful sense of energy thanks to the motion of the shooting stars and the flying cloth silhouetted against that beautiful starry sky. The lower half of the composition brings a sense of balance to the picture, with its softer colors, more subtle tones and lesser contrast creating a calm effect, and the totems themselves looking like relics of history and cultures that have already faded away. The blending of these two moods in one picture, combined with the text, makes this image very powerful and poignant even without knowing the full story.
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