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How I made this picture: [link]

Underneath the embellished silken cover, there is something simple, yet extraordinarily beautiful, waiting to come out.

A beautiful girl swathed in decorations, with a butterfly perched on her. I wanted both the girl and the butterfly to be mostly white and simple. It's an interesting twist, isn't it? That the butterfly is simpler than the cocoon?

Getting the right sketch took an ungodly number of trial and error (and thus an ungodly amount of time -- like seriously ahhhhhhhh). I got a lot of decent sketches out of it, but none of them fit the message I wanted...

Finally, I got a sketch I liked. Then came the coloring process, which turned out to be another uphill battle. D: I've stared at this picture for so long, and I can't really tell if this is an improvement compared to my past works. I hope it is!

In any case, it's done, and I hope you all find something to like about it. I'm particularly pleased with how the colors on her lips came out.

Photoshop CS4 from scratch~
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ariya-sacca's avatar
I like how her hair radiates from her head like a nimbus cloud
holmesian1891's avatar
I love all the colors and the concept of this piece, it truly is a beautiful work of art!
SilentPencil2213's avatar
This is just so well!
ExquisiteIllusions's avatar
To me this looks exactly like Luna from Harry Potter...just made up really pretty.
PrincesaSevilla's avatar
She looks so quiet... and confortable... I guess she likes the silky cocoon where she's sleeping...
keiiii's avatar
She'll have to come out sooner or later :)
Kiuesque's avatar
:D I love this, the colours are beautiful!
IlleMya's avatar
this is so amazing, my friends and i love it its one of our favourites! fantastic job!
keiiii's avatar
:heart: I'm glad you and your friends like it so much!
ChaoticRune's avatar
the details in this one is really epic, and the time taken is totally worth it. faved this one too
SugaryDeath's avatar
Mizu-no-kimi's avatar
i'm in awe
words cannot describe how beautiful this is
Vampyre-Lover's avatar
A Beautiful Masterpiece!!!
I love the whole piece of art but specially the silk and the light effect, it's wonderful! :D
kattonaru's avatar
O M G o.o awesome
nikiicha11's avatar
The pic is godly itself! So stunning and beautiful, but serene at the same time.

Amazing piece of work!
Blizzard-Tree's avatar
You may have put an ungodly amount of time and effort to this but it's definitely worth it, since the result is... godly. Okay I shouldn't throw in too many religious words. But seriously, this is so beautiful! I love the serene atmosphere on this picture, and the girl and the butterfly are really pretty. And also, the whole idea and contrast are interesting.
Amazing as always.
Vel-Asunai's avatar
o.o' The stuff you showed on gaia wasn't nearly as beautiful as this and other work in your gallery, wow, I'm glad I decided to view those forums for a change...Your work is beautiful, especially the coloring - you've got that done good.
amara-alya's avatar
I like the detail on the cocoon, it does make a nice contrast to the girl's simplicity. :)
Blue-Sage's avatar
I like how half of her frame is covered in shadow, it lends a nice contrast to the side covered in light. It has this very gentle, ethereal feel to it.

I especially love the colors that you used! The blues and violets, and the way you detailed the fabric and how it rests on her body makes it pop, and I like the details of her hair, and the butterfly is a nice touch! Very soft and comforting, I felt. Symbolic almost. :)

Although I kind of thought it was Micaiah in this pic at first. Ahahaha...
keiiii's avatar
XD I think you're the second person to bring up Micaiah here. I blame FE10's repeated throwing-around of the phrase "the silver-haired maiden."

I know someone who is always reminded of Terra/Tina from FF6 every time he sees a green-haired girl wearing red!
keiiii's avatar
Thank you so much! :D
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