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For :iconyumehayla:

Painted completely in Adobe Photoshop 7.0, except the magic circle, which was hand-drawn in Corel Painter IX. This was a lot more challenging than I thought it would be.

Resizing totally ate up all the details in his hair. :S

By the way, he's wearing flared pants... in case you're wondering about his right leg/ankle. That's just his pants draping down.

~Ordering and pricing info on full color commissions like this will be posted in my journal soon~
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Hey, may I have your permission to use this particular character of yours as reference material for my DnD character? I have written descriptions of what he looks like, but I'm not as....artistically capable of putting those words into beautiful images. Please let me know what you decide! 

EDIT: I can link your deviant art account so people know where I got the image from.
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I don't mind, but the owner of the character might. Their profile is in the description so you should ask them. ^^
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It's in the description :) Thanks for the interest!
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I'm fine with it, but I think you should also ask permission from the person who owns this character! :D I don't know if they'd be okay with their character being used for other people's projects, so yeah.
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thats bad ass
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What is this from? or is this just an oc?
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It's the client's OC :)
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that's really amazing :D
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I really like the feathers in his hair and the way you did the magic circle. His left hand looks a little odd, though that's probably a side-effect of it being incased in fire.
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That's really gorgeous... almost looks like Zidane from FFIX, sans tail, and a longer ponytail hehe. Very beautiful though, I love it! :heart:
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I love the hair ;) And good job with the light.
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LOVE IT!!!! the circle looks like one off of Full Metal Alchemist, is it? or did you just make it up as you went?
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Wow!!! It's more than amazing!!!
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