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Blue Morpho

By keiiii
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Can be found on tumblr:… A WIP of this pic is on my tumblr as well, if you want to take a look!

The character is Danbi from Heart of Keol (my comic!), which you can read at
(Also available on Tapastic and Webtoons… )
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I kinda thought that was Soren as well

The-Demon-King999's avatar
For a moment there, I thought that was Soren or Kurthnaga.  Such a beautiful piece of art~
LeScratch's avatar
Been so long since I've been on and your work is a wonder to come back to.
Unburnable's avatar
dat kimono D: its amazing.
keiiii's avatar
Thank you! It's actually men's hanbok, but it's hard to tell from this angle.
Unburnable's avatar
ah…its beautiful anyways >w<
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KEIIIII! I'm so glad to see you post art again! I've missed your stuff, and just your stuff in general. From Koel to to Haru-Sari to just in general, because Good God in Heaven, is DA dead (and no one can be surprised??).
keiiii's avatar
And yeah, dA really isn't what it used to be... Glad to see at least some of us old fogies are still around, though!
fluoroid's avatar
Yay! You're still here, even if it's only occasionally. Good to see art from you again! It's always so pretty. ^^
keiiii's avatar
Yup, still kicking around! Been busy working on my comic, which doesn't yield a lot of dA-suitable material. It's so nice to see you around! :heart:
WanderingSketchPad's avatar
holy crap, welcome back! Haven't seen you post in ages <3
WanderingSketchPad's avatar
<3 Hope life has treated you well!
ContraSprite's avatar
Pretty!! Yay!! Glad you are alive!! :]
bribble's avatar
I miss you! I love the designs on the kimono too. And the shine.
keiiii's avatar
I miss you too! I should totally poke you on Skype one of these days :0 
bribble's avatar
You should! 
temporos's avatar
Keiii's alive! :iconfluttershyyayplz:
keiiii's avatar
Or undead at least! :la: Still kicking around in any case.
Limwen-Benaway's avatar
Love the lighting! Nice!
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