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THIS IS A SUPAH QUICKIE. I don't have the time to do a better picture of it right now; even my Skyward Sword is waiting unfinished at the final dungeon ;O; I just had to draw it. Swinging this huge sword around was SO satisfying! Too bad you can only use it during that particular battle...

Note how I omitted things that would have taken a long time to draw! His chainmail? Gone. His normal sword? Discarded (who needs it when you got THIS?). His shield? Tucked in one of those pouches.

Link should challenge Pyramid Head with this sword and show him how it's done!
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When I got that sword.... yes. Just yeeeeeees. XD
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THAT...was the best boss battle. :3
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Ahahaha, this is so great. The Pyramid Head comparison is spot-on.

I feel like if Link was a Final Fantasy character all his swords would look something like this.
TheOneandOnlyGeek's avatar
Who'd have thought that the game's WATER TEMPLE would be its best?
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I actually didn't hate OoT's water temple that much... but the Ancient Cistern is definitely superior! My favorite SS dungeon would be the Lanayru MF though. :D
TheOneandOnlyGeek's avatar
I didn't hate it either. Sure, just about every other dungeon was a cakewalk afterwards (I was somehow able to complete it before the Fire Temple) but it wasn't as bad as fanboys make it out to be.

Lanayru MF? You mean the one with all of the mine carts or the pirate ship? I liked the pirate ship, the mine, not so much.
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The one with the conveyor belts (and mine carts). :D

The pirate ship was cool too!

Speaking of the fire temple, I managed to get lost in there more than I got lost in the water temple. X_______x
TheOneandOnlyGeek's avatar
The main reason why I finished the Water Temple first, was because I was unable to find the Fire Temple. Seriously, it's not like anybody gives you any sort off hint as to where you're supposed to go. Either that, or I just suck at these kind of games... Yeah, that's probably it.
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Ugh, reminds me of this one place in Seiken Densetsu 3 where I got lost for one entire month precisely for the same reason: couldn't find the entrance to the next dungeon! Unfortunately, that was a part of the game where the plot traps you in a smallish area until you beat the next dungeon, so it was a very long, frustrating month for me.
TheOneandOnlyGeek's avatar
Same thing with me and Chrono Trigger right now.
DigiTails's avatar
That was a fun boss fight. The Ghirahim appearance didn't make sense, but the fight was awesome.
Gallade-X-treme's avatar
I believe Ghirahim animated Koloktos & then just left.
Zelink5's avatar
hahaha! Yeah it totally is!
Foxofwonders's avatar
Koloktos was my favourite boss... mainly because of this giant sword, so awesome swinging around with it ^^
I was surprised Link could walk so fast with that huge sword xD
EpicMyst's avatar
I concur! It was quite a gloriously satisfying moment in a boss battle.

I remember making a snide remark about Cloud. *shot*
Dscapades's avatar
yes yes this rocks!
chakuu's avatar
i love this sword so much i wish i could have kept it. TT^TT
me and that sword belonged together!
*sword slashing spree* :dance:
yurika-sketches's avatar
i reaaallly liked how you did his eyes theyre sparkling :iconamgtouchplz:
RudolfLioness's avatar
Did you see those warriors from Hyrule? They got curved swords. Curved. Swords.
Flydinodino's avatar
I really liked this boss^^ I wanted to keep the big sword, it's so much better than the one that we have... And really nice drawing
Gundamfanatic123's avatar
It ticked me off with the fact that the sword makes you slower...and the boss was already quick to hit you ;__; That sword killed my Link XD Thank god I had a fairy on him when I did.

But I wish you could've kept the sword...I tried walking out with it...forced to leave it behind...*sobs*
Mikkousha's avatar
Love this pic! That was an awesome boss fight and a very well done rendition of it.

I think I gotta call Skyward Sword my favorite Zelda game now, even if it hurts my nostalgic side that's held onto OoT for all this time.
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Loool XD challenge a Pyramid Head! Hahahaha
Awesome drawing :D
FantasyGirl974's avatar
I loved so much this passage XD
Link looks cool with that big sword *w*
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