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Aszadar Nymm

By keiiii
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:iconfirepixie: came up with this wonderful interpretation for this image:

"I feel like she might have a secret she wishes to share, but can't. It's right on the tips of her lips as is the blade that's keeping her from speaking."

I have always been fascinated by how different people 'read' the same image in vastly different ways. =firepixie's exegesis is beautiful, subtle, and intriguing. It makes you want to know more about the story behind the picture.

:bulletorange: Done in Adobe Photoshop CS4 from scratch. All the patterns and letterings were hand-drawn (with a Wacom tablet). Go here to see how I did this picture: [link]

:bulletorange: That's a small knife in her hand.

:bulletorange: "Aszadar Nymm" doesn't mean anything. Likewise, there is no story behind this picture. Come up with your own interpretations, or simply enjoy it as an eye candy!
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The blue and pink contrast is stunning. And the composition moves the eye around the piece. It's amazing.
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Love the detailing!
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i just noticed the small braid in her hair, and it makes me wonder how much time you spend making every little detail so appealing.
it truly amazes me, what you can do.
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:D Little details are fun to add, as long as you're making them up as you go along!
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There are so many details in this picture that someone can't really stop staring.
Wonderful work like the rest of your gallery :)
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This... is... absolutely amazing :faint:
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you do very beautiful artwork. what program do u use XD i have to hand draw everything cause technology hates me my creativity comes from my mind.
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I do hand draw everything, just not on a piece of paper. I draw on a tablet. It's not like the computer makes the art for me. :)

I use Adobe Photoshop CS4.
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I love your runes! Do you use any references for the runes?
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Nope, I just make them up as I go along :D They're easy because you don't have to worry about things like accuracy... you make them up and there's no such thing as wrong or inaccurate!
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She's the last one who knows the secret of alchemy/magic. Must use blood to use it in this case, thats why she haz..... A KNIFEZORZ!!! AH!!!!!!!!
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I think her secret is probably about love... The lips are an intimate place after all~!
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beautiful work. I love all the detail you put into the background.
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Wow, I love the layers, the incredible details in the background with the mix of emotion on the woman's face. Well done =D
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There is a stunning iridescence to these colors that I really admire. Wonderful work! :worship:
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:heart: The spell circles and the words surrounding give it a nice ancient feel. The colors give it a feel of serenity as well. I also like how she seems to be fading away..

Splendid piece!
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wow! I just love your gallery :)
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Wow, I love the design of the piece. =D
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This really makes me want to write something o_o I'm not even sure what quite yet, but I really, really want to try when I get some time.
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