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Sorry for all these rough drawings lately. I'm on my backup monitor (my main one is dying) and it's a pain doing pictures on a smaller resolution than what you're used to. :(

The composition SUCKS, but I think this picture does what it's meant to do quite well. Plus, I like all of their poses.

Chrom is hard to draw. First there's his ridiculous costume, and his likeness is deceptively difficult to capture.
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"We're in the middle of a battle, chrom" (lovely work :) )
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Only now do I really get this, now that I've paired Chrom and Olivia on my 4th playthrough :'D
Though in my game it was Jeron (avatar) dodging the Levin Sword. Did this for like 10 turns and had Chrom and Olivia's slots filled with seeds of trust to make sure it works ^^;
Great job with Olivia's pose.  And that's Gangrel in the background, swinging his Levin Sword, isn't it?
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I know what you mean about Chrom. He LOOKS so simple and easy, and then you actually try to get it down... sigh.

(Lon'qu and Gangrel hashing it out in the background is pretty great, too :3)
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Wow, this is stunning! Very nicely done; I especially like the details you put into their outfits, and the little bit of action going on in the background. =D
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beautiful :) love Olivia's pose and I think you did a great job with Chrom's outfit :)
mini fight at the back so funny haha!
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Olivia is quite useful once you give her a Killing Edge and Levin Sword assuming you max her out, going to Myrmidon-line to pick up Astra, Sol and Pegasus Knight line for Galeforce, then finally going back to Dancer and grinding to max everything out. She's reasonably good at killing AND a good utility unit... the only more flexible units would be the arsenal of fliers and Bow Knights.
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Man, I really wished you didn't get Olivia right before Chrom had to marry someone because their supports are REALLY cute, not to mention they do make a badass family when you reclass Olivia.

Haha, but this picture is really cute. ♥ it's so hard to find fanart of them together.
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Annnddd that's how Chrom married Olivia even though he only knew her for around 1 and half chapters :)
lol, jokes aside- the poses are great really. You were able to capture motion and the simply coloring fits the atmosphere I think. Very nice!
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Haha, the idea is very amusing, and I really like all of their poses too. Both of the two in the background have great action, as does Olivia with her blowing hair and flying streamers, and the way Chrom is crossing his legs looks very natural. I also really like the color scheme, simple but very gentle and attractive.

I feel like Olivia's pose would have to be completely changed to make the composition work, which is a shame because it's a very nice pose by itself. I think it's the fact that you have to look up at Olivia and then down again at the fighters that makes it awkward. Who cares though, it's funny. :P
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Yeah, that was exactly my dilemma. To improve the composition or to keep that pose? >> Obviously I went with the latter.
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Yeah, understandable choice--I suppose you could always have posted the pose separately, but that's less satisfying than having it actually be part of a picture.
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Aw yeah, Chrom getting the hots for the lovely sparkly dancer girl. ^^ He and Olivia are so adorable and my favorite pairing for the two! :D
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I just got the dancer girl.... still figuring out how to use her.
keiiii's avatar
Dancers were so useful in previous games, but not so much in this one. I reclassed her to a pegasus knight then dark flier so she could pass Galeforce to her child, then she always got the bench for the rest of the game.
mayshing's avatar
just out of curiosity, who did u pair her up with? XD
keiiii's avatar
Chrom. Might pair her up with Libra on my next playthrough (whenever that ends up being... kinda getting swamped with stuff OTL)
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So beautiful!! I absolutely adore the work on her pose. It's done so amazingly well. :love:
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Thank you. Dancing poses are so fun to draw!
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Ahaha... yes. <3
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Awwwwww, the dancer girl is so pretty! I adore her pose--so full of movement! Very cute moment, and I like the battle going on in the background! XD
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