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My alternative to default theme of GNOME Shell

Licence: GPL

Wallpaper: Curtains by ~nubeek
Icons: Faience by ~tiheum

1. Install "User Themes Extension" [link]
2. Extract zip to ~/.themes
3. Use Gnome-Tweak-Tool

Arch linux users can install this (assuming usage of yaourt) by running "yaourt -S gnome-shell-theme-default-mod"

2013/04/01 v1.9.1
- gnome-shell 3.8 support
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No more updates?
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That's right. I did this for myself, but I use Cinnamon now.
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I love this theme, close to the original and yet fresh and modern!

I'm using it on my netbook (1024x600px, 10") and the icon grid in the dash displays 6 columns of icons, and on a screen this small it gets crowded and confusing (while the original theme displays 5).
How can I tweak the .css to reduce the number of columns?

Thx a lot, keep up the good work!
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It works on previous shell version. I hope it still work:

/* small icon-grid */
.icon-grid {
spacing: 24px; /* 36px */
-shell-grid-horizontal-item-size: 100px; /* 118px */
-shell-grid-vertical-item-size: 100px; /* 118px */

.icon-grid .overview-icon {
icon-size: 64px; /* 96px */
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Can you please upload older switches? Because to me, new switches are too simplified. Previous were great :)

Now I must use my own: [link]

Just a little fix must to be made to search icon it's 1px when should be 16px.

Also your theme is the best out there. Thanks!
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К сожалению не нашел ни одной старой версии.
Для иконки поиска невозможно поставить полупрозрачность, в сером цвете выглядит не очень.
Так что эта иконка просто скрыта.

Sorry, I don't have previous theme version.
It is not possible set half transparency color for search icon at this moment, solid gray looks ugly for me. So it's just temporary hidden.
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Здесь предложение по поводу темы, изменено цвет иконки и рамку, встроено в верхнюю панель. Еще установлено размер курсора на 1 пиксель и цвет rgba(0,0,0,0.4).

Here is an proposal I ask to your theme, that alters icon color and border, embeded it into top panel. Also it sets caret size to 1px & rgba(0,0,0,0.4) color.

Link: [link]
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Спасибо за предложение.
Не менял размеры элементов и шрифтов, чтобы тема была максимальна приближена к оригинальной.
Вернул иконку поиска и изменил стиль виджета, теперь стало ближе к оригиналу.
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Спасибо большое за тему, и еще за старый логин GDM. Очень радует глаз:)
Небольшая деталь но все-же... как сделать в экране блокировки рамку сообщений светлее?
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Это какой-то побочный эффект, экран GDM я не менял. У меня новый GDM и экран блокировки, которой выглядит во всех темах одинаково.
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Я не использую расширение User Themes - оно не действует в экране блокировки и GDM. Заменил стандартную /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/.
Делаю бекапы оттуда, чтобы не потерять текущую тему.

Сбиваю тему на дефолт перестановкой gnome-shell из кеша пакетов, если что нибудь там поломаю (да, идиотский метод, но лень делать бекап еще и стандартной темы).

Файл original/gnome-shell.css наверное был сделан до того как там все поменяли в gdm:)
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this theme is great! I'd like to know how you get those toggle switches, which I think are really nice

One thing I don't like that much is in dash tooltips where text-lines are too much (IMO) spaced, other tooltips, with bigger fonts, look better

Anyway, thank you for this amazing theme!
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It is toggle button like in Android's guidelines [link]. And it used svg to put into gnome-shell theme.
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Nice theme, thanks for making it 3.6 compatible so quickly!
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Excellent theme! Love it!
Though, I've got a bug/request. How do I remove drop shadow in notification area tray or alternatively how do I remove background color? Here's the screen shot of what I'm talking about: [link]
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Hi. There is no bug in notification area.
You can tweak it in two section in gnome-shell.css
#message-tray - whole width gradient, and
#summary-mode - black background under icon

#message-tray {
background-gradient-direction: none;
background: transparent;
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Thank you for your quick response - it solved the problem!
I thought it to be a little inconsistent to have both the shadow and the background. Now it is much more appealing (to my tastes anyway). [link]

Thanks again! You made my day! Twice. :)
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Hey there! Will this work on Gnome Shell 3.6? I'm considering upgrading to Ubuntu 12.10 beta2, and since this is my favourite GS theme I'd be more than happy to see it work with it. :)
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First version for 3.6 done. Check this out
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Is it just me or are incoming messages with this theme not shown in the notification bar, an Empathy window is launched instead? Is this possible? With the default it is not so.
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It is ok for me. I tested it on Ubuntu 12.10 amd64, GNOME Shell 3.6.1, Empathy
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Same system as mine. Seems okay for me now too. I don't know why, maybe some updates fixed it. Thanks and keep well :)
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Hi. I have plans about update theme to 3.6 compatibility. I think it will done by the time release Ubuntu 12.10
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Nice theme. I've added support for my extension [link]
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