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Transporter Console 1701-A

Shifting gears just a bit - I decided to advance to the second 1701-A (Star Trek V: The Final Frontier). Here is the Transporter Room console, which we only see a glimpse of (and not too good a glimpse).

Trying to make more official versions of rare, hard to find, panel designs.
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looks to small, it also needs more buttons. I like your other worst btw.
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It does, but this is the best I could deduce from on-screen reference on Star Trek V.  I wanted to go for accuracy, with what I had to work with.
Oh I understand that totally. The Only detail I could get was the circle in the center. I was just suggesting adding more buttons. If you think of it from an actors position you need the buttons to work with.
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I used to think that until I saw the Engineering console on the TMP bridge.  Everything is displays and indicators.  The only buttons are on the internal communications panel.  No wonder we never saw Scotty sitting there :P

Further, this is in line with what we saw on the TOS transporter panel.  All the "buttons" are on the top row, while the bottom row only has a set of rocker switches and the three sliders (which we see on the left here).  The rest were displays, and the round targeting scope.  Plus, the sheer amount of "information" in a person's transporter pattern would no doubt require quite the numerical display. 
This is mainly assumption on my part.  But based on what I could see, it made sense.  I REALLY wish we got a better shot of it though
[quote]  I REALLY wish we got a better shot of it though [\quote]

you and me both
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but hey, that's why I made these, so people would have a reference ^_^
I was thinking about this at work, and was thinking the Jenolan transporter controls would be a good source to help with the design. It is a very contemporary to the era of the Enterprise A.
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I thought about that,... but there wasn't really much to them.  Certainly not enough to fill that entire console.  It was like that tiny console on Voyager that Seven of Nine usually stood at, behind the Captain... which wasn't even really a console.  Wasn't even enough room for the full wheel display.
But then,... Voyager's transporter console was pretty thin too...
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Not bad for something never really seen on screen, hm?
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The more the merrier, Good Job K1. :)
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Next up is the Helm/Nav console
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That should be good to see, Can't Wait. :)
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