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PERSEUS - Rank Chart Update

With the uniform update comes a rank chart update as well.  Notable changes are on the enlisted grades, completely redesigning the NCO's while re-conceiving "Leading Private" as "Specialist" instead, as this will probably be the most common enlisted grade seen on ship.

On the Officer side, the Duty Uniform has expanded into two separate categories.  Duty Grey's and Duty Whites.  Greys are for more standard non-shipboard duties, while whites are for more official duties, such as meetings with the brass.  Since Admiralty IS brass, it is the only duty uniform they receive, as whenever they are on duty, it is always official.

Also now included on both Enlisted and Officer charts are the Dress Uniform Sleeves.  These vary slightly from the previous chart, as the first Enlisted dress has expanded to include NCO's, and the NCO dress has moved to Chiefs.  Only commanding chiefs (chief of the boat etc) would have the Senior NCO design, as it is similar to the Commanding Officer design which is reserved for CO and XO.  This leaves Command NCO's for the higher grades above Master Chief.
The reason for this switch is,... as I was writing, I find far more NCO's than I thought there would be, and I didn't want there to be quite so many of that dress uniform variant visible.  It should be as sparse as the Senior Officer variant.

Also note, Captain and Senior Captain shoulder and sleeve dress is the same on purpose.  They are essentially the same rank, but Senior Captain commands the larger Homeship rather than standard cruiser types
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