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Environment Console - TMP ver

This is part of my Star Trek TMP Bridge Project

I am designing a possible bridge layout for the first Constellation-class starship. Since the registry is established as NCC-1974, that puts it before the Excelsior Class seen in Star Trek III. So it is only logical that the panels should have the TMP layout (plus, I would like for the crew to be in TMP style uniforms, not those heavy red TWOK things. They look cool and all, but just make Starfleet look too military).

This console was a bit off-subject, since it does not appear anywhere on the Constellation Bridge (also, if you notice, there are Enterprise graphics on the Skin Temperatures display). Someone requested the Enterprise Environment Console, and so here it is. If you saw the Operations Console I made, you will see many of its displays originated from this console.
Just like the Sciences Console, this one is exactly as seen based on on-screen reference.
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Hopefully you'll get back to actual artwork sometime soon.
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LOL, with my A.D.D. Gods only know what I will be working on next week. I was doing some Megaman stuff when I suddenly got an urge to do Star Trek, and my last several uploads. So yeah, I wish I could just stick with one project.