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Steampunk Penny whistle

What you see is a D Penny Whistle, a F Penny Whistle, and a Tibetan Prayer Horn affixed to gether in a way in which they can all be played. Also attached is an apperatus to insert a mic in a hidden fashion.
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Feb 20, 2004, 5:04:45 PM
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Oo, looks great! What does it sound like?
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Thanks! It sounds like a regualr penny whistle, one is a D the other is an F and they are placed on a Tibetan Prayer Horn. I have effects that I can hook up to them, but I need to modify them.
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That is beyond stunning, sweetie! Absolutely marvelous.
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Ahh, thanks! Sorry, I haven't check my deviantart site in ages, oops.
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They look so beyond fantastic.
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Thank you so much!
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Gawds, that's a bit marvelous. What does your instrument sound like?
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Thank you!

Well, if you listen to some Irish or Celtic music and hear in the background a high pitched wind insturment, that's what is sounds like acousticly. With soundeffects, it can get erie. You could also go to my myspace page and hear some recording with it. Just look up Bethany McLyr.
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Just checked out your music! You play very beautifully!
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Thanks a bunch...I know what a pennywhistle sounds like, I play one myself, I just though the double barelled nature of this one mightadd some interesting overtones. I'll go look you up right now.
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Oh sorry. THe double barrel doesn't really affect the sound cause there are two seperate whistles. You can play either the D whistle or the F whistle and it sounds as normal. Or, you can play them both at the same time and get some interesting harmonies.
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Alas. I have not myspace andit doesn't appaer to want to let me hear you unless I'm logged in. Would there be anywhere else I could find a recording?
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