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My Bio

Name: Kei

Gender : female

Preferred language: Chinese, Malay & English

Support me on Ko-fi if you like my work :star: https://ko-fi.com/pianofairie :star:

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**Frequently asked questions**

1) What program you use to draw?

I use mainly Sai2 from sketching to coloring and Photoshop for text and editing/touch-up. I'm using Clip Studio Paint Pro recently as well.

2) What tablet you use?

I use a Wacom Intous Pro medium PTH-660 Tablet.

3) Do you do commissions?

Yes, but only paypal, I don't do point commissions, you can read about the details here --> http://Keichan411.deviantart.com/journal/37144896/ . Because I have real life too so it might took some time to do, please keep in mind.

4)Can you draw [insert character name here] for me?

Sorry, no. I rarely accept other's request to draw something unless it's for a meme for fun.

5) Do you do gifts/art-trade/collab/request?

Same as above, I can't. I only do those with my close friends only.

6)"Please look at my artwork!" "Please add me as your friend!" "Please join my group!"

Please do not send me these requests. I'll ignore any messages related to above.



~song cover for stelli_a

~character designing for Chad_Difficulty

~character designing for chouxrain

~YT start screen for bddamien_XO

~special illustration for Sheepisan

~OC/character PC wallpaper for pokefreak13388

~L2D chibi model for Rosaelyon

~character design for zero_ coconut

~character design/reference sheet for Zenol1th

~Vtuber assorted assets for SayumeKiseki

~Vtuber design for shuuumi_


~Logo design for Zenol1th

~Song cover art for lemonpiqo

~Discord logo/banner design for yklmrye1

~Vtuber stream overlay/banner character art for Aoseki_Vt

~Vtuber stream starting screen artwork for Sheepisan

~Vtuber chibi character emotes for stelli_a

~Vtuber stream start screen art for Aoseki_Vt

~l2d animated artwork for shuuumi_

~pngtuber model for Valphyr

~pngtuber model for randomasiandude

~pngtuber model for peachigomoo

~Song cover art for sniisel

~logo design for IzyCuisine

~character sprites for stelli_a

~character design for zero_coconut


~Vtuber collab Song cover for kusurikoito

~Original light novel book cover design for CCCooper

~Vtuber character redesign for shuuumi_

~Twitch Starting/Offline screen layout character for XelaCreations

~Live2D character model for AioaVerona

~Indie game "Between" character sprites for Roku6six6

~Live2D character model for RegalAmbrosia

~Vtuber character art for Naria_VT

~online streaming mascot artwork for cptn_handsome

~Vtuber design/reference sheet for sevrinss

~Youtube channel header art for Elmoga1382

~Song cover art for rinthespacebun

~Song cover art for sniisel

~Music cover persona character design for nekonat_lie


~UTAU Song cover art “Picosong” for chunter16

~Character sprite and design for fangame for Innosere

~Twitch chibi emotes for AioaVerona

~Vtuber song covers for tatsuriisa


~Twitch PGQ chibi emotes for LookingForCraft

~Chibi gif short animation for ZESTAMV

~Fantasy turn-based RPG “Esperia ~ Uprising of the Scarlet Witch ~” Event CG and character design for Prismalice

~Self-publication: "Seasonal" original collaboration artzine


~Webshow character sprites for Galvanicmedia.net


~Visual Novel “Princess Guard” primary character/sprite artist


~JPop Song cover art “Ikimashou” for SWATS - GameBreaker Vol. 2

Favourite Visual Artist
Shigenori Soejima, Ken Sugimori, Toru Nakayama, Makoto Yabe, Harada Takehito & more
Favourite Movies
Night at the museum, Harry Potter
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Vocaloids, UTAU, MayDay, Eurobeat
Favourite Books
Harry Potter
Favourite Games
Megaman, Puyo Puyo, Persona/SMT, God Eater Burst, Pokemon, Freedom Wars...
Favourite Gaming Platform
3DS & Nintendo Switch
Tools of the Trade
WACOM Intous Pro PTH-660, Photoshop CS6, SAI2 , Clip Studio Paint Pro


.: Commission Info :. by pianofairie411, journal

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Feel free to support my work by donating any amount you wanted. ^^

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happy late birthday :)

Happy Birthday Kei Kei. I don't even know if you're still using DA but I hope you have a nice birthday regardless.

Happy Birthday!🎈🎉🥳🎊🎁🎂

Hi. Happy Belated Birthday! Even though it was 4 months ago.