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Thanks 4 the 500 watches!

So why you ask...

I was hungry, thought of asiago chicken sandwich, then Wendy's
Was gonna make this perverted but I may still do that.

Frosty just saying.
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Dave would be proud seeing his mascot roasting the other burger places.

Double Baconator FTW.
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Never in a million would he thought this would happen
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It's official.
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I swear if Wendys had anime commercials there business would boom lol
you know for some strange idea association now i wonder how would Heidi look as a grown up xD
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Who's tht if I my ask!?
i mean Heidi, the swiss girl from the novel and from the old Miyazaki's series :P
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It's a Wendy XD
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Wendy's eyes and smile create a magical expression! I love her hair and I can't resist pigtails. The colors are beautiful and make her look so perfect. Lastly, those freckles are adorable. I rarely eat at Wendy's, but this makes me want to go there right now! You did a fantastic job because this Wendy could sell me anything!  :heart:
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Everyone keeps saying the eyes are captivating lol
I guess its the way she's looking.
Hi five on the pig tails. I can't resist them either. Don't know why I do do more girls with them.
Thx for the wonderful comment and sorry for the late reply.
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I think her eyes might be sending subliminal messages about buying Wendys hamburgers. XD

:highfive: I wish more girls wore pig tails too. I also feel the same about braids.

You're very welcome and it's not a problem! :aww:
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Aww, she's a cutie :) 
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I may do another one of these and here's a hint.
You'll never look at a bottle of salt the same ever again XD.
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I went to Wendy's last night and, as I saw the terribly old Wendy artwork, thought... "Voltic needs to be hired by these guys." lol

lol great work man!
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Ohh I'll bring more business to their stores with sexy subliminal Wendy's art lol XD
Thx for the compliment!
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Actually, I think that's exactly what would happen... you should try it xD Contact the CEO and explain why Sexy Wendy is better lol
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Haha okay I'll give it a shot.
"drives up to Wendys HQ"
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