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Anime Electricity Tutorial

Have seen many attempts in animating chidori or electricity, so I decided to try it for myself and here is what I came up with to be probably an easy and efficient way to animate electricity without having to use a paintbrush tool or lasso to outline and draw out the electricity. It can be used for both mouse and tablets. Hope this helps many people!

YOUTUBE: [link]

Photoshop CS4
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Thank you for the tutorial ^^
MarkXD's avatar
this is cool, but in animating...they are many ways to make lightning, this i s like the 4th style i've encountered thats pretty cool
Wait0wat's avatar
This will be of much use.
Hawkjam's avatar
Thank you for this tutorial it was easy to follow, it was thanks to this tutorial i was able to make this [link] :squee:
1GedoMazo1's avatar
thank you so much *-*
rei-koumei's avatar
THis helped so much! You are amazing!
Iernamei's avatar
your amazing, you make animating look so easy i as a animation student i know how hard it is. :heart:
chukadrawer's avatar
thats just awesome
UsayFudo's avatar
Very helpful!
dArkEst-lIght-mEOw's avatar
THANK YOU FOR THE TUTORIAL!! :iconiloveyouplz: It helped A LOT!~
babyboybluecrazy's avatar
what if you don't have the pen tool?
AnimePierce's avatar
thanks for the help
RedDemonBlood's avatar
Wey, do that work for GIMP to?
GiselleRocks's avatar

I will definitely try this~! It's so helpful!!!!! Thank you!
P2tbAnimeGirl's avatar
This is amazing and extreemly helpful! Its the best tutorial I think I've ever watched.
RandomArtGirl's avatar
Wow! This is helpful 8D
Thank you very much ^^
SarahSchreck's avatar
:noes: That was... amazing... best tutorial I think I've ever watched. EVER.
Evil-Julie-2k's avatar
Another amazing tutorial :D Awesome work :+fav:
Quazzie's avatar
Nicely done. Easy to understand and follow, informative as can be and very practical.

Cool :):horns:
SoulBeatManga's avatar
HO SHIT, I think I learned 10 new things in just the first 30 SECONDS of this video OAO

Keh-ven's avatar
Well, in most of these tutorials I make, it makes the artists actually go into more depth into a certain tool or area in photoshop.

Thx c:
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