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Scarlet Witch

This was inspired by Adam Hughes version of Scarlet witch, although I actually didn't look at it until the end of the painting. I drew it up then painted in photoshop.
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Beautiful Scarlet witch :)
Such a beautiful masterpiece
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Just awesome!
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She looks like Sarah Brightman! I love both Wanda and her, so this is a dream-state fulfillment for me.
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Actually she does look like Sarah Brightman...didn't realize that. :)
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Haha, yeah, she's rather beautiful. This particularly reminds me of her La Luna album, where it's all... well... loony.
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oh man this is great wanda looks as she always does. great job!
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Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

I really love the character and am loving the life you're rendition has brought to her. But then, you're a professional so nothing less can be expected, right?
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ah.professional or not..its about enjoying the work and improving for me..seeing new things in pieces of artwork (anyones!)and maybe surprising myself in my own work :)
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Very good work!! congratulations!
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I need to see more of your stuff! I could stare at work like this for days! Your concept work is awesome too! all very inspirational!
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wow..thank you. I have felt the same way about other peoples art...its awesome to have someone say that about my work!!!
pretty witch
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i could tell it was inspired by adam hughes's scarlet witch before i even clicked on the tumbnail.
Great work, bravo!
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Thank you very much :)
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amazing work here. i really love it.
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