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June 1, 2009
Hulk cover by ~KEGO44 A good deviation to start a new month. I think the work of this artist speaks for itself.
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Hulk cover

This was a cover that SEGA asked me to do. I had to make sure it matched up more with the movie Hulk than with the game Hulk. It was used for Intel's Visual Computing software insight...but I haven't seen it elsewhere...


It features the Bibeast, the dogpilers and the Mutated Soldiers from the game.
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xaviir20's avatar
That's awesome.
i want to make a draw (3d effect) , from hulk breaking my wall (to put on my suplemment store) , you can do it ? and price?
ajdizzle2010's avatar
Could I get the Full version please 
ScottPilgrim1996's avatar
Whoa you created this? This is amazing! I have this picture as my wallpaper for my ipod.
LeeValuk's avatar
This is killer! Love the graphics!
koilopezjr's avatar
Fantastic Art!
KEGO44's avatar
Oh, I have had one or two people request a print, but unfortunately since the Hulk is a copyrighted character Deiant will not allow prints of Marvel or DC characters. Apologies to those that have inquired.
TheHulkangre's avatar
wow did you draw it or just found it in Google -_-
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When will evreybody learn that the HULK is just an un-stoppible badass!!!! :D
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We featured this artwork on our blog "Must See The Avengers Illustrations [[link]
our Twitter [[link]
our Facebook [[link]
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Thank you very much!
darkfang100's avatar
omg yea thts the hulk i know
kirk2010fgtr's avatar
Can I use this in my next youtube video? I will post your name in the credits if you say yes.
HellSpawn90's avatar
i wish i could do that hahaha... Good job
KEGO44's avatar
practice, practice, proactice..and also enjoying the process helps too!
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