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Hi, everybody! If you didn't notice, my brother :iconenderforce: gave me a 1-month subscription for my birthday! Therefore, I think it is only right to start this feature with him! He has very few submissions, but the few Flash animations he's shown us are pretty neat:
Cup Game by enderforce Lemming by enderforce Propeller by enderforce Triforce by enderforce

That said, let's move on to the winners of the poll!
First up, with 6 votes, was :iconfaeliscity:! Her work ranges in style from animation to amazing drawings! Take a look:
Watch Your Step by Faeliscity Bad Feeling by Faeliscity Labyrinth Trailer by Faeliscity

Next up was :iconshoomlah: with 4 votes! Another friend who is extremely talented at drawing, Shoomlah's work is well work a look! Here are a few of my favorites to start with:
Mr. Werewuff Needs Walkies by shoomlah Mr. Handsome McPuggerkins III by shoomlah Herbivore Portrait by shoomlah

Third in the poll was :iconpirkleations: with 3 votes! By far his most interesting project in my opinion has been his backyard Myst adventure, but his other work is great as well! See for yourself:
URU Ahnonay Quab sculpture... by Pirkleations Joey the Lexus by Pirkleations Portraits by Pirkleations

Fourth with 2 votes was :iconhylianjean:! She is best known in the Myst FanArt community for her Katran costume and Great Zero Jewelry, but check out these other amazing creations of hers:
Bilbo Baggins Ceramic Figurine by HylianJean D'ni Bead Curtain by HylianJean Old Majora's Mask by HylianJean

Tied at 1 point were :iconallatwan:, :iconhopegallops:, :iconchiptheghost:, and :iconnotquiteheroes:! All four are great people and great artists, so without further ado, here are some highlights of their galleries:
Ruined by mankind... by Allatwan Indian self-portrait... by Allatwan
Rainy Day In Colorado by HopeGallops The Herd 45 by HopeGallops SD Black Hills 14 by HopeGallops
It's your choice by chiptheghost Reach For the Sky by chiptheghost Look, a hut.... by chiptheghost
They look sturdy enough to me? by NotQuiteHeroes Rebirth by NotQuiteHeroes Entrance by NotQuiteHeroes

Finally, I have two more deviants I wish to give consolation features to despite their not receiving any votes: :iconpersmedic: and :iconmicroprocessor:! I don't know them quite as well as the others but felt that they deserved some attention as well! Behold their work:
Supernatural by Persmedic All This Time by Persmedic Laughter by Persmedic
233rd Age Esque Landscape by MicroProcessor Saavedro - Fear the Hammer by MicroProcessor Saavedro Sprite by MicroProcessor

Aaaand I think that's everyone on the list!
If I've been so tragically mistaken to forget any of my friends here on dA throughout these features, please let me know and I will compile another poll!

.yehreht d'kehnwiniseht gorvehn


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Oh, WOW!! O_O"
Number one??!?!!
Thank you so much for the feature! :dance:
(to say I wasn't even there when that happened) You made my day!

Thanks again! :glomp:
Kefrith's avatar
You're very welcome! Glad you're back now!
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Whoot 8D I love those pictures you chose too x3
Kefrith's avatar
Glad you're happy with it!
enderforce's avatar
Thanks for the mention!
Kefrith's avatar
Why do you say that so formal-sounding? I'm you're brother for Pete's sake! (whoever Pete is...)
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Wonderful feature! :D
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Aw, thank you! :D
I love the horse and saavedro pics, btw XD
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