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This is an entry to the Seventh Sanctum Cartoon Cash-in contest [link] .

Sergeant Battle is one of the most popular comic books in UtopiaDystopia. An ally to the Government and an enemy to the Resistance, every child is given Sergeant Battle comic books from the time they stop ripping paper for the fun of it until they graduate from the nursery and start working in the hopes that Sergeant Battle's deeds will rub off on them and they will support the Government blindly.

Sergeant Battle, the best of the Gold Bullet Crusaders, combats the evil Resistance or turns them back to the Government. Most of it takes place outside the City but, occaisonly, some episodes follow the streets of UtopiaDystopia. The villian of the series is Kollsvein, incedently a real person actually apart of the Resistance. Which, of course, raises some people's curiosity as to whether Sergeant Battle is a real Gold Bullet Crusader or not.

The tv show just started recently and is aimed towards a more adult audience so they are constantly filled with propaganda.

Sergeant Battle action figures and dress up kits already fill the shelves at nurserys and his face stares at me constantly from a gigantic poster plastered to the building across from my apartment.

They ought to make Kollsvein action figures, but such is life.
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