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Trixie Color Guide

After getting a lot of requests for "What color is that thing?" I decided to put together complete color guides for the new My Little Pony TV show characters. They're intended for informational purposes only and are produced independently. In most cases the swatches are researched from the official artwork. When that's not available, I used some analysis and my swatch libraries to get within a reasonable Delta-E.

Remember to download the attached PDF file and use that for reference. Do not use the preview PNG for reference material, it's intended only for preview on DeviantArt.

Trixie had so many unique colors that I couldn't fit all of them on an 8.5x11 page. I couldn't really pick Pantone colors for her main cape/hat fill and stroke, as they don't really fall within the gamut the swatches cover. Also, in her art and in the show she is missing the extra eye highlight bits. I've included my best estimates to keep things consistent.


The intent of using a standard color library (Pantone Solid Coated) is to stay within the bounds of said official artwork, plus give some consistency to colors used. This should help when sourcing supplies for non-digital work. If your application does not support color libraries, then using the eyedropper on the swatch should give you an answer. However, this means you lose the more accurate simulations available by using Overprint preview mode.

This guide is not affiliated with Hasbro in any way and is produced solely in the interest of color science. For a changelog, more long-winded explanations, and other discussions, see this forum topic: [link]
© 2011 - 2021 kefkafloyd
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Thanks, I used your color guide to fill out my sketch. It was very helpful!

I'll add a link to this page. Credit where credits due.
Can u make the character guides with this look with color codes please?
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I think the leaving out of the eye highlights was intentional. Notice she also lacks the smaller white circle that the other ponies have. I think it was just a stylistic choice.
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Indeed. Note that adding more catchlights is a way to make something appear cuter. Fillies and kids have three, while mares have two (generally), while males have one. Occasionally the show adds more catchlights to make things more cute and sparkly as a creative flourish.
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I have to say this has been super helpful! I'm working with polymer clay, but seeing this color charts help me visualize the colors in a whole new way! thanks!!
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Ugh, I need the horn colour!
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Her horn is the same color (fill/stroke) as her body.
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do colgate colour guild
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She always reminded me of Nightglider from the original 1980's toy line. Anyway! I LOVE these! Thanks for making them and sharing them with us!
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Thanks again *kefkafloyd, the upload:)
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Please do Doctor Whooves
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very helpful i will be having to use this soon, and i will put a link in the description to this thanks X3
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Thanks, kefka. This will do nicely :)
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Nice work. The gradients in particular give me fits.
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That's a lot of colours for a pony. :O
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The Great And Powerful Trixie is when magic and color unite.
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Excellent as always. =) I'm curious, what are the pantone colors? I'm guessing the other values are just RGB?
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Ahh, nevermind. Realized this is all explained in your forum post in the album this is in. Very nice, interesting stuff. =)
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Cool! Glad to see you're still making these every now and then. :D
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Awesome! Thanks for these!
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