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Forever Beneath Her Watchful Eyes - Pinkie Pie

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Don't forget that Pinkie Pie is Watching You (Forever!), and you just never know where she'll show up. Whether it's to remind you of her next party or to keep a secret, she's always got her eye on you!


Secure Beneath the Watchful Eyes (original: [link] )

Designed by Mark Thomas, this was a poster commissioned by London Buses to "help" riders understand how closed circuit television cameras can keep them safe aboard the iconic double decker buses.

I use the term "help" loosely, because the original poster was probably one of the finest works of satire in graphic design history. It's always been one of my personal favorites, as this poster was a less-than-subtle jab at the growing police state in Britain.

The higher ups never seemed to get the joke, and the posters went up along with other materials based on the design. Even when pointed out that this material was openly mocking them, they chose to continue on with it. While this campaign is long done, this poster will remain a great example of subverting a client's bad idea.

For more info on the original: [link]
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I see this every day on the tube. Once I burst out laughing and everyone moved to the other end of the platform! 
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Reminds me of Pinkie's "Pinkie Pie is Watching You FOREVER" Ministry of Morale posters from Fallout: Equestria...
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DeloreandudeTommyHobbyist Digital Artist
This kinda reminds me of 1984 for some reason.
I think it's the eyes.
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kefkafloydProfessional General Artist
Yes, that's exactly it, and that was the inspiration for the original as well.
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Oh good, the original was a parody? I know the ubiquitous video surveillance in London is very real, but I would've been shocked if there was really such an Orwellian poster out there promoting it.

Great Pinkieization of the poster, btw. It's still rather sinister, but now it's really nice and happy about it! :)
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kefkafloydProfessional General Artist
The original poster wasn't a parody, it was a seriously done piece... of satire. The bigwigs did not care about the 1984 implications (or, worse, welcomed it) so the designer made something that people would recognize as chilling.
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Mr-DarklingHobbyist General Artist
Friend on Skype is showing me this in print form on webcam that he got from you at Bronycon.
Pretty damn awesome ^3^
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googlemeisterHobbyist General Artist
Wonderful job with the coloring and texture of the image.
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As you've said.. Pinkie Pie is watching you.. Forever.
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KlabauHobbyist General Artist
Jolly good show!
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sometimes i think pinkie pie is watching us all
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DrewdiniHobbyist General Artist
Hey, that's pretty cool.

Definitely less subtle with the satire, I think, but that's what I like about it.
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im scared
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William6208Student Filmographer
Oh man I remember seeing that poster. It freaks me out.
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RadiantVoidHobbyist General Artist
Ya, but no one will ever have to fear Candle Jack again! Just think, he won't keep
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DarthWill3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very cool!
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