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Applejack - So Buck

It's gettin' hard to please 'em,
You start to feel the rub.
You know it isn't easy; well, welcome to the club.

Joe Walsh's album, So What, was the first post-Barnstorm album, though many of the members of Barnstorm were still part of the recording. Though not as popular as But Seriously, Folks, So What brought in a much more refined version of Turn to Stone as well as several of Joe's biggest hits. This album had many signature sounds that Joe would incorporate into the sound of the Eagles, the group he would join after releasing So What.

The lettering on the original album was not of a font, but hand lettering by Jimmy Watchell. I redrew all of the lettering by hand (creating many new letters) to keep the same spirit of the original but for a new title.

You might ask "Well, why didn't you use Rainbow Dash or Gilda, given the aviator theme?" The reason is that we already used Applejack as Joe for But Seriously, Foalks, so it's only right that she returns to fill in for Joe once again.
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Wow. Ponified Joe Walsh? Really? Wow this is great. AJ fits Joe actually tho Pinkie Pie would have been just as applicable. 
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So buck
Such apple

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Derpy Primus Suck on This
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Saw Joe Walsh and AppleJack, instafave!
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Ponychan sent me here.
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That's nice of them, considering that I don't post on ponychan. :V Of course, you can't post that without telling me where the sending happened...
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Somebody posted this picture, and I used gøøgle image search.
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So bucking cool.
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HAHA! I was listening to welcome to the club when i found this!
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Glad you liked it. :)
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search joe walsh on DA

get pony

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I try my best. :V
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Ah nice, li'l album parody. :) (Even if I'm not familier with the original image, I looked it up, and it's a good comparison.) [link]

Also I think A.J. looks cool & adorable in those goggles, and scarf. :) Very well done piece. The colorings and shadings are pretty good to.
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Thanks for the comment! The album is available on spotify as well as purchase on iTunes — you should check it out sometime, you might just like it.
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I'll consider it. ;)
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i taught it was so what from pink :m
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that is amazing O_O hahaah she actually fits in here :P
>mfw pixel size is 999x999

"Nine nine nine, nine nine nine, nine nine nine" (you cannot unsee!)
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A rounding error. Blame it on Illustrator. I typed 1000x1000 in the save for web dialog. :V
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