Rune Factory 2 Aria and Leonel

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"Hmm what should I put on the request board.  Aria I like you.  No to overt.  I gotta thank Orland for teaching me that word.  Hmm I guess, can I tell you something.  Yeah that'll work"
I have always been shy.  I probably got that from my mom.  She's was so shy my dad said the first time he ever saw her eyes was their wedding.  
I am worried about Aria though.  She wasn't at school.  "Hmm I really should get her something for Aria.  To show I like her."
I was about to head home when I passed by the church and I saw Aria wearing a long purple dress.  She also was   
"Oh hey Leonel.  You're probably wondering why I'm dressed up.  Well my parents decided to renew their vows today.  You know with my dad disappearing and all.  But hey it was fun.  And they tossed me the bouquet."
Hmm I remember when mom and dad did something like that.  It makes sense Yue and Kyle would do that also.
"Hmm. Um Aria can you uh go check the request board," I said blushing.  I've never seen Aria wear a skirt in all the time I knew her.   She looked cute.  
I waited for a few minutes till she came back looking at me very happy.  I didn't know why
"So what did you want to tell me Leonel?"
"Um well, I'm not very articulate I'm sorry.  I uh like you."  
Aria then said nothing to me but instead gave me a small kiss on the cheek.  "Say Leonel, since your granddad is the priest, maybe we could get married.  You know for fun."
"Uh well," come on Leonel you can do this.  "Yes I'll check with him."
The next day I stood in front of the altar when Aria came in wearing her mom's wedding dress.  The veil over the face and her baggy dress made her cuter than usual.  We said some things and then kissed.  We spent the rest of the day holding hands and now nine years later, I am marrying her for real this time.  
"Yep I really am glad I put the right thing on the board.
Basically an AriaxLeonel tribute to celebrate RF3 coming out Tuesday.
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I don't normally read fan fiction but it's Aria and Leonel! So cute and simple.
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Awe. I really like this one! It's very cute. Hehehe. I guess the play marriages in game can actually lead to something, eh?
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