Meeting the Parents Chapter 6

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Merui went back to sleep after Shiro left to get breakfast and woke up to her phone alarm.  Unfortunally it was California Girls.
"Damn you Shiro.  You know how annoying that song is," Merui thought as she saw that her silver nightdress was hung up.  "Oh  I guess my parents might think we did something if he was wearing my clothes."
She walked down and saw Shiro casually eating a bowl of Chex.  "Oh hey Rui.  Where are your parents?"
"Oh they leave early for work.  We probably should get a move on."
"Okay.  I'm gonna change.  Can you get the notes?  By the way your regular clothes look particularly nice."
"But I wear this everyday."
"I know but you still look nice."
"Same to you then."
"Oh and Merui, why did you sleep in your pigtails?"
"Oh…eep I forgot.  I usually let it down but I guess I was so excited. "
"Oh you are cute anyways."
Later at school Kamina and Kycillia walked around school holding hands.  "So Kycilllia do you have a gift for Shiro?"
"Uh yeah.  I got him this Vita action figure.  Sadly I can't turn the box to look under her dress."
"What you do it to.  I saw you look up my Tia figure.  Sadly she wears shorts underneath."
"Goddamn shorts," Kamina muttered under his breath.  
"And you call me a perv."
"At least I'm not open about it."
"Touche…wait is it really better to be closed about this."
They would have kept on fighting but Travis walked in.  
"Look you two, we have to get ready for the party next Friday."
"Oh Travis didn't see you.  But yeah.  I spent all day working on finding Shiro's gift," Kamina replied holding out a Black Rock Shooter PVC figure.  
"I have no idea what that Vocaloid character is about but still nice job," replied Travis cleaning off his glasses.  
Meanwhile Merui and Shiro started their presentation.
"So the Mongol society would appear misogynistic with their constant rape.  But in reality the society was actually matriarchal," Shiro calmly exposited.
"As for weapons they invented composite shortbows.  This made it easy to aim on horseback," Merui said while pretending to shoot the class.  
They continued talking about Mongols till the teacher gave them a grade on the oral presentation.
"Oooh A- nice," Merui said yawning.  Ugh I feel sick.  I need sleep.  Cover for me."
"But…actually that actually seems like a good idea.  You sleep for one class and I'll sleep for the other one."
"Sounds good.  I guess we stayed up too late.  But hey I do you like your company.  Especially your skirted company."
"Hey well in that case I love your panties," Shiro replied touching her ass.  
"I love you too Shiro," Merui replied also touching his ass.
After school Kycillia went to a gothic store store.  While there she met up with Kamina who was looking at a nice red miniskirt.  
"Hey I didn't know you cross dress."
"Why do you think I wear girl clothes?"
"Hey there was that one time I saw you walk around wearing a dress."
"It was a f*cking tunic.  I was trying a Link cosplay."
"A skirt is a skirt.  Whether or not it's a man skirt."
"But you didn't say man skirts, you said cross dress."
"But you're holding a miniskirt."
"Oh this, it's for Merui.  I figured she would want a miniskirt for her special day"
"Oh well first of all, it is Shiro's birthday and second of all,  that is way too big.  Merui's skinnier than me.  I'm not jealous though.  She's flat as a pancake."
"She sure is."
"Yeah.  But yeah, I think Merui would prefer pants.  Like these," she repied taking out a pair of black jeans with a chain near the left pocket.
"Those look a little…tight?"
"Well Merui likes tighter jeans.  But these are really skinny.  Nah she'll like them, I mean she would like Shiro to like her ass."
"Well can't argue with that."1
"So want me to try on a miniskirt? " Kycillia said while taking out a black leather one.
Meanwhile Travis was at his house looking at Lolita pictues while playing Rivenvell.  As for why he was looking at pics while he was supposed to be working, well his crush said she wanted a punk Lolita dress for her birthday next month.  "With SAL shipping it'll certainly take that long.  I just hope she likes it…she is cute."
"Travis come down to load the dishwasher," his younger brother yelled.
"It's your turn.  I'm busy."
"Odd you usually take over dish duty."
"Well I'm really busy with work."
Seeing as Travis never really had a crush before, shopping for her was work for him technically.  "That is the best kind of work," Travis thought.  There weren't too many trolls online today so his actual job was low key.
"Hmm I think she would like this knee length plad skirt."
Meanwhile thousands of miles away or a mile away whichever sounds more reasonable.  Merui quietly sat down to dinner with her mom.
"Where's dad?"
"Oh you know late night at the firm again.  But we did talk before dinner.  He did think it would be okay.  I mean Shiro really can't do anything with his parents there."
"Hey he wouldn't do anything unless I say he can….and I wouldn't," Merui implied embarrassed.
Shiro was enjoying hibachi with his mom.  Sadly his dad was out again.  "Stupid heart transplant," Shiro thought.
"This is good beef teriyaki," Mrs. Takayama said while her son quietly ate his rice.  "What's wrong?"
"Well mom I'm hoping Merui says that she can come."  After he said this his phone vibrated indicating that he got a text.
From  Merui
Hey.  How R U?
My rents say yes.
I can't wait!
I <3 U
Shiro stared at the screen for five seconds in disbelief.
"Shiro calm down."
"Sorry but she can come.  You guys can meet my girlfriend."  "And hopefully future daughter," Shiro thought while playing with the ring box in his coat pocket.   `
"Merui Lucas.  I love you.  I cannot wait to take this trip," Shiro thought.
Later Merui dreamed of her trip.  
They were standing under a tree in a park.
He was lovingly looking at her heart.  He then took out a bouquet of roses.
"Um this is, you mean?"
"That's right I love you will you marry me?"
"Since when is a bouquet a substitute for a ring?  Are you sure?"
"Yes you're the only one for me."
At this they embraced.
I'll make you the happiest woman alive I swear.
After Merui woke up she was both happy and confused?
"Why was Harvest Factory the most romantic thing I could think of?"
Here's Ch 6 and also I got an MG deathscyhte :)
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Nice. I DO enjoy the shopping scene.
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Sorry. I am stupid
But yeah. I do like Kycillia showing her fujoshi side
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Know anyone like her besides you
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Not really.

You think I'm like her?
Kefka-VI's avatar both are fujoshi?
I did do chapter 7. Not gonna upload yet.
I do have Merui and Kycillia do a vocaloid thing
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Hehe, those sound like good gifts. PVC figures are always in good taste.
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Yep.Basically next chapter Merui is motivated to find her job (the situation might seem unrealistic but my ssister found a guy witht he exact same promblem)
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Very nice. Harvest Factory? XD Why not Rune Moon! Ok nvm that sounds more lame. XD Travis with a crush... interesting.
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Hmm yeah. Yeah Travis remember is inerested in girls (pair of f the spares or whatever is fine when the guy wants someone) also honestly Travis tied with Derek in least development so I'm kind of curious what his life in boarding school was like.
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