Meeting the Parents Chapter 5

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"What?  Repeat that please cause I think I heard something wrong?" Shiro said baffled.
"I said do you want to stay over since your parents won't be around?" Mr. Lucas replied.
"But I'm a boy staying overnight…"
"Sorry to cut you off but you are also a boy who wants to spend the weekend with her, with your parents.  I trust them but you need to earn my trust."
"Okay fine," Shiro sighed.  
"So love we should probably get back to work."  
"Yeah we should.  I need to go get my things from my house though."
"That's fine.  I need to get my notes and change."
After Shiro left, Merui put on her sky blue nightgown and kept sewing her veil.  "Man this is hard.  But luckily I already have a small veil.  I just need a little more so I can put it over my face."  She sewed for a half hour till she heard a knock.  "Oh crap I need to grab my notes."
Hastily gathering all the notes, she let Shiro into her room.  
"Oh hey Meru…wow you look great," Shiro greated while blushing.
"Thanks I do like this short nightgown.  It doesn't make me warm though."
"I thought you don't wear skirts?"
"I usually like wearing a boy's t-shirt and boxer shorts but recently I've been wearing nightdresses because hey I like being cute.  Besides Kycillia gave me these."
"Oh well you definally look cute."
"I am actually trying to see how to I would look as a bride wearing different colors but can't let Shiro know that." Merui thought.
They sat down and Merui started leaning back in her chair.  She leaned so far back that her skirt flew up.  But she was too preoccupied with finding her notes to fix her skirt.  
"Um Merui," Shiro said while looking down with a nosebleed.  "Well uh you're a skirt is a well up and well I can see your panties."  
Merui not phased at all replied rather nonchalantly, "Oh I guess I should pull it down.  Did you like them?"
"Waa oh I glanced away before I could get a good look.  I did see Darth Vader though."
"Yeah I have Star Wars panties.  I do love my "Don't Blame Me I Voted For Darth Vader" panties  Hey if you are a nerd you show it on all parts of your body."
"Cool I guess.  I'm sorry."
"No big deal.  It is kind of hard to not look at underpants.  Hey I'd do the same  But I do know a way of comphensation," she said while taking her silver nightdress out of her closet.  "You look rather feminine so I wonder how would we look as a yuri pairing.  Wear this.  I need to see how you would look for the Rivenvel Online character dressup contest.  I mean if you look crap in a dress it won't really work."
"I mean if you don't want to…"
"No I was just processing.  But yeah I do wear yukata's occationally so a girly skirt shouldn't make me feel that off."
"Great and these aren't girly.  No frills or anything."
"I meant women's clothing."
"Then say that.  Anyways speaking of women, I found that Mongol society was matriarchal."
"Really odd.  I mean they liked rape."
"Hey it's a society that killed 40 million people.  Proving that women can oppress just as well as men."
"Touche.  So what did you find out about military?"
"The Mongols went as far as Europe.  Also their numbers weren't as great so they focused on fear based warfare.  Oh Merui for my birthday, I like to give you a gift."
"Hey we're celebrating you.  That isn't necessary."
"Well at the risk of sounding cliché and or sexist, you are part of me  I love you and well, I want to be with you forever."
Merui jumped up and kissed her boyfriend.  "You are awesome.  I love you."
Later before bed Shiro changed into the dress.  Shiro noticeably embarrassed pulling at the bottom trying to cover as much as possible.
"You look actually kind of good in a dress.  You would easily make it at a Yaoi con as an uke."
"I'm not an uke.  But yeah it's kind of cute on you.  I won't be wearing dresses from now on though."
"Aww and I was hoping you would dress as Fiona.   But I guess seeing you in a dress is good enough."
"Actually I might do that.  Depends on the prize.  Speaking of prizes I'll take a picture so you have it with you….as long as you agree not to send it."
"But Kycillia would love to see you in a dress.  It would get her boyfriend jealous."
"I'm his friend and I don't want him to get jealous."
After taking the picture Merrui noted that they looked like a cute yuri pairing.  
"Yeah I do think we look like the mains from First Love Sisters if you let your hair down," Shiro noted
"You read that?"
"Yeah but I prefer Nanoha and Black Rock Shooter."
"Yeah another Nanoha fan."
"Oh yeah.  Rainbows are straighter than Subaru."
"Oh I have the movie on DVD.  With English subs.  I've not seen it but it should be good.  I mean it's not like they tired to make Fate's mom sympathetic while still keeping in the child abuse or anything."
"Awesome I've not seen it either.  This'll be cool."
90 minutes later Shiro and Merui both ate their words.  They worked for about an hour on the project and other homework and played games for the rest of the night.  
"Well I guess it's time for bed love," Merui said getting out a sleeping bag.
"Wait I'm gonna sleep in your room?" Shiro asked baffled.
"Yeah.  My dad just wants us to do this for you to trust him.  But hey I'm not complaining."
"Thank you Merui.  Hey um well…..can we sleep holding hands?"
"Sure I mean we are lovers.  I'll just get another bag."
They laid down to rest and with her soft fingers intertwining with his and then fell asleep quietly.
Shiro wake up as Merui woke him not in her house but in a different one they were both older with rings on their fingers.
"I got a surprise for you love.  I'm pregnant I think.  I missed my period and I took a test."
"Awesome.  I'm gonna be a dad.  I can't wait to tell my parents."
"I'm a little worried since we are a little young.  I mean we're both only 23."
"But we've got steady jobs and your parents had you when they were 22 so we'll get through this, together," he replied grabbing her hands.
"You're right.  The two of us are going to be great parents."
Meanwhile Merui was having a more bittersweet dream.
Merui let a tear stream down her black dress.  Her daughter was gone forever.  She kept telling herself that she was going to a better place.  But it was hard.  She didn't know when she would see her again.  
"Sweetie why are you crying.  Our child is all grown up and marrying a beautiful person."
"You're right Shiro.  I guess I'm overreacting.  We all need to let them go at some point."
"Yes.  Besides they'll be home for Christmas."
"Touche," Merui replied as they kissed."  
After they woke up the two young lovers embraced.
Here's Ch 5
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Thanks like the other chapters?
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I havent read them, but i will next time i get on. :3
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Yeah. BTW is based off of Shiro's route in this game [link]
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Awww~it's cute. And Rui's parents are so reasonable. XD
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Thanks. Any probelms with it?
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I think it's fine. ^-^
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Oh. I'm just wondering hw consistent making Merui an otaku?
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She's a general knowledge nerd, so she dabbles in everything. I assume she liks sci-fi stuff. Probably a Doctor Who fan. XD
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Odd never seen the show. Maybe it's friefly.
But yeah I felt a crossdressing Shiro was amusing.
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That was cute, too. And I'm sure she likes Firefly. XD
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Hmm okay. I might post next chapter tomorrow.
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The holding hands is cute.
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Yeah I agree.
I was going for a lot of irony.
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