Meeting the Parents Chapter 4

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Chapter 4.

"Shiro wake up," a beautiful woman with red twin tails ordered as she opened the curtains.
"Ugh five more minutes honey."
"No way sweetie after all we have to take our engagement pictures before we head to class."
"Oh crap I forgot about that," he replied jumping out of bed.  
"It's okay love.  I know that I can hardly believe that we're engaged," the woman replied repeatedly mouthing Merui Takayama.
"Well technically we agreed to marry each other five years ago."
"I know.  I guess we're celebrating being financially and emotionally well off to get married?"
"Well that is worth something," Shiro replied laughing as he put on his coat.  "By the way that purple dress is cute."
"Thanks love," Merui replied before giving him a kiss.
That kiss ended up acting as a "kick" because Shiro then woke up.
"Man I did like that dream.  Is it an omen that Merui will accept and be together?  I hope she accepts," Shiro thought glimpsing at the ring box on his dresser next to a picture he took of his favorite kiss with Merui.
"Shiro come get some breakfast.  Oh and I just found out now that I am needed out of town so I can't make dinner tonight," his mom yelled from down stairs.
"It's fine mom.  I'm eating at Merui's anyways.  Oh and what is it this time?"
"Some naval contract; we need to work with Stark Industries. They were supposed to meet there but the hotel conference room here just cancelled so we have to go to their offices."
"Sounds odd and strangely contrived mom," Shiro replied sweatdropping
"Yeah what are the changes of the Marriot having to close down due to rats?  Anyways I'm heading out so I'll see you tomorrow.  Oh and Shiro, good luck with Merui's parents.  I love you."  At this Mrs. Takayama gave her son a big hug.  
"I love you too mom."  
Meanwhile Merui was struggling with a monster on Rivenvell.
"Eat greatsword you goat dragon thing.  Seriously what the hell are you?  I mean you look like a dragon with the wings and scaly head.  But you have goat horns and the body structure of a goat.  Whatever just die!  Million Cuts!!!!"
Ruiofthesword got 1500 XP.  Got deathstone.  Got 10 gold.  
"Man that was an annoying boss; especially without Fiona.  But I need to buy these dresses without her knowing.  God this surprise idea was harder than I thought.  Oh that reminds me I need to find something nice to wear for our date tonight.  
"Hmm maybe my red blouse and purple skirt; nah I need to act casual.  Maybe my skinny jeans and Godsmack t-shirt?  Well they aren't that skinny so my parents won't think I'm going to have sex with him.  Besides I love Godsmack.  Okay it's decided," Merui thought getting out the jeans and humming Straight Out of Line.
Later after school, Merui found Shiro eating a candy bar alone.  
"What's wrong love?"
"Nothing is wrong.  Just well I'm confused.  My mom had to leave town again.  This time it was completely random.  Yet she really wants this date to go well.  I know she loves me but I just wish she could well be there for me.  I mean your parents probably wish they could talk to my parents about this trip thing.  Oh and want a bite?"
"I'm sorry Shiro.  I really wish I could help.  I mean I know your parents are busy but still knowledge doesn't make the pain any easier.  If it's any consolation I'm there if you need me.  Oh and yeah I love Kit-Kats"
"Thanks Merui.  I really do appreciate having you be there for me."  He then kissed her.  "I love you."
"I do to.  Oh can you do me a huge favor?  I need to run to the mall for something I forgot last time we went.  Can you go to your house and get your notes for our project?"
"Can do love."
After Shiro left school Merui ran to the mall's fabric store.
"Thank god Kycillia taught me how to make veils.  That came in handy for that drama our school did last year adapting Percopolis."  She thought while holding up the tulle to her face.  "Man I would look pretty in a white veil.'
After that she picked up Shiro and walked to her house.
"Want a soda dear?  I got some Coke?"
"Uh yeah that would be great.  Um hey Merui are your parents okay with me being here before they get home?"
"Yeah I have people over all the time before they get home.  They get home kind of late.  A few months ago Kycillia came over and she gave me a nightdress she made.  We then marathoned Nanoha A's; best 325 minutes of my life."
"That is very nerdy.  But hey I'm the one who was willing to buy a point card even though I had a year long subscription just so I could get an item.  And it was a sucky one.  What was I thinking?"
"You have more money than common sense?"
"I guess.  Um Merui I have a confession."
"Gaah you're cheating on me," she replied clenching her fists.
"No but the truth is…I was planning on asking your character out."
"Huh I'm confused."
"Well ever since we started playing together even before I knew you in real life I loved you.  I know it is kind of creepy but…" Shiro was then interrupted by Merui hugging him.
"Don't be ridiculous.  I wouldn't have gone out with you since I don't e-date but I would never hate you.  You are always my partner."
"Thanks love."
"So do you want to play a game or something?"
"Depends do you have Luigi Party 8?"
"Yes I do.   I really want to try out the real estate board."
After a 30-turn game, both young kids were nice and relaxed.
"Man that was fun.  But we really need to work on our project," Shiro said while taking out his note cards.
"Actually that sounds like a good idea.  I found something cool.  Mongols wanted to attack Japan but were pushed back by a typhoon.  The Japanese called this a kamikaze."
"I heard about that from my mom once.  Thanks for the reminder.  Man that would look great on our report."
Ding dong.
"Oh my parents must be home.  Hold on Shiro."
"Hi Merui," said a tall red haired woman. "Is Shiro here?"
"Yeah right in the living room mom, we've just finished playing Luigi Party and are now doing homework."
"Good can you let him know that your father should be bringing the pizza here in a half-hour."
"Can do mom, hey Shiro, the pizza will be here soon."
"Okay love."
At dinner Shiro decided to ask Merui's parents the important question.
"Um Mr. Lucas, my parents invited Merui to spend the weekend with them in the capital."
"That depends cause I don't know your parents and well I trust you but…"
"Oh that's fine sweetie," interrupted Mrs. Lucas.  "I know Shiro's mom.  Mrs. Watanabe.  She's my boss and is quite nice.  The reason I couldn't put two and two together because she insists at being called her maiden name so we forgot that her real name is Takayama."
"That is because women cannot keep their maiden names in Japan so yeah.  My mom had to give that up when she got married," Shiro said sighing.  At this Shiro's phone started ringing.
"Oooh Rammstien; love that ringtone love," Merui said while banging her head to Moskau.
"Oh crap!  That was my dad.  Some guy had a major stroke so he needs to do surgery immediately.  I have to stay home by myself again.  I was hoping to have some time with my dad but…"
"Shiro actually this would be a good test to see if you can spend the weekend with Merui.  How about you stay over with us?" Mr. Lucas asked.
To be continued.
Here's chapter 4. Man I put a lot of references in.
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moonstruckmuse's avatar
Well done! I like it. And no, it didn't feel contrived. I thought maybe the references were a bit heavy (but keep in mind when I write I try to not use any, so it's an entirely different style, you know?), but Merui headbanging made me realize how well it works. XD
Kefka-VI's avatar
Thanks. I was trying to go for a comedy style. BTW the kick thing was a reference to Inception
sake-bento's avatar
I like all the references. I laughed at the Stark Industries one. XD
Kefka-VI's avatar
Did it feel contrived? Shiro's mom leaving (I could easily get his dad away but his mom)
sake-bento's avatar
I don't think so. Emergencies come up all the time in that line of work, and it's expecting for things to fall into place like that in fiction.
Kefka-VI's avatar
Engineering? What about Merui's mom knowing Shiro's mom (that is true that women can't keep their names)
sake-bento's avatar
Yeah. There are lot of serious emergencies, especially depending on what field of engineering you're in. And a lot of professional women keep their maiden names while on the job. It's not too unusual.
Kefka-VI's avatar
Military system? Yeah I'm just saying you probably want to close the conference room if you find rats.
fieryelle's avatar
I would love to play Luigi Party >.< Oh and is Rivenwell an actual game? Sounds like fun! :wOOt:
Kefka-VI's avatar
No just the fictional MMO in the game that drives the plot. Also did it feel contrived? I was trying hard to make Shiro's mom knowing Merui's mom not feel too contrived (I gave up on finding a reason for a sudden business trip so I just lampshaded it)
fieryelle's avatar
Ohhh...ok then :)....Not at all...It happens all the time in anime ^_^
Kefka-VI's avatar
Oh. I am trying tostay realistic if a bit sappy (most of the time you won't get married in high school)
fieryelle's avatar
But sometimes if two people are deeply in love with each other and are in high school they would probably get married like after college or university.
Kefka-VI's avatar
I ugess. Welll in case you'vve not gessed Shiro wants to geyt engaged sort of
fieryelle's avatar
Kefka-VI's avatar
Basically I have a subplot about them planning on surpising the other
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Shirudia's avatar
As awesome as always. Let's see if I can spot most of the references.
A) Stark Industries
B) Rivenvell (Either an actual thing in an RPG, or LOTR's Rivendell with one letter changed.)
D) Luigi Party. That would be ONE EPIC GAME.
E) Rammstein. BIG fan.
Kefka-VI's avatar
Okay you missed the chrono trigger one (marle and chrono's mom wake him up by opening curtains)
B. That is the name of the fictional MMO of the original dating sim
Shirudia's avatar
B. Ah... Either way. I almost caught all of them.
Kefka-VI's avatar
How's my writing style and grammar etc?
Shirudia's avatar
Actually, I really enjoy it, since it's accurate and follows the rules, but it's still wild and crazy.
Shirudia's avatar
No problem!
It's the complete truth.
Kefka-VI's avatar
Odd. I was trying a different way by mistake so yeah.
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