Meeting the Parents Chapter 3

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An old woman lay dying in her casket with her wedding veil over her face.   Her three children and her five adult grandkids have gathered around her to see her off.  
"I Merui Takayama am proud to have lived with you for 87 years.  But now I must go see my husband."
"I love you mom," all three of her kids said.
"I love you too," as the old Merui breathed her last,  
At this Merui woke up.  "Well that was an odd dream," Merui thought.  "At least I marry Shiro and have kids.  Actually if that was my future then I would like it."
"Okay let's see, Travis e-mailed me saying that he needs my help Monday.  I'll go reply"
Sure I'll help out if Shiro can too.  It would be a hell of a lot more fun running a gamer tournament than folding envelopes.
P.S. Thanks for the tournament invite.
She was about to take off her silver nightdress when Travis e-mailed her back.
Well Merui, I'm surprised.  I thought you got up as late as possible.  Although the fact that you weren't online at 10:30 suggests that you go to bed early.  Anyways sure; we had a couple of late entries so that would require us to need another guy to run the bracket.
P.S. It's fine.  Really all I did was give you guys a higher priority in the drawing.
During class the teacher rambled on about the Han Dynasty which was so boring Shiro couldn't focus.  
"Did you get any of that, love?" Merui asked trying hard not to fall asleep.   
"Not really.  Man, our teacher can ramble.  Oh is the work thing on?"
"Yes but can we work with Travis?  He needs extra help due to some late entries.  He'll pay us each 35 bucks.  Apparently the extra entrants gave some cash."
"You have to pay for these tournaments?"
"Yeah apparently the computer games club isn't school funded.  They need tournaments to raise money."
"Oh the school really needs to stop focusing on just athletics.  I have a friend named Takashi and his mom wanted him to join a club but didn't want to pay money.  He had to join the soccer team since it was either sports or sewing," Shiro replied
"Hey who says guys can't sew?"
"He can't.  He doesn't have good fine motor skills or at least that is what his mom told him."
"Odd.  Anyways are you game?"
"That's a bad pun but okay."
"I wasn't intending one, and thank you."  Merui then kissed him.
Later at the tournament Travis handed them both the brackets.  
"Okay Merui you do the left side of the lab and Shiro do the right.  I'm the ref for these Starcraft II matches on the left and Kycilia refs the right."
"Wait Kycilia is part of the club?" Merui asked.
"You know her?" responded Travis even more confused than Merui.
"She's my best friend.  We didn't hang out that much these past two months due to her hanging out with her new boyfriend Kamina."
"Seems kind of shallow if you ask me," replied Travis.  "But to be fair you can't keep your hands off Shiro so I guess it's okay.  Actually that explains why she joined; Kamina was one of our first members."
"Oh that reminds me Kamina texted me about wanting me to hang out on Friday.  I might see if we can hang at the mall to get ready," Shiro interjected.  
"Actually that would work Shiro love.  We could make it a double date."
"Hey guys I hate to cut in; but we need to start." interrupted Travis.
"Fine," said Merui as she sighed.  
After the tournament, a black haired girl wearing a red sweater and a black miniskirt kissed a boy who dyed his hair green of all colors.  
"Yes I won, Rin.  Now I can buy you those earings."
"First of all Kamina don't call me by the character I'm cosplaying.  Second of all, thanks."
"You're welcome.  Now where are Shiro and Merui?"
"We're over here guys.  Also are you guys up for a double date after school Friday?" Merui said after hugging Kycilia.  "Oh and I love your skirt and S-rank stockings, Kycilia."
"Thanks and yeah sure.  That sounds good. Besides, Kamina is buying me earrings so we'll be heading out that day."
"Awesome.  Oh and guys, take these envelopes.  Don't let Shiro see what is inside them."
"Okay," replied Kamina.  "But why don't you want Shiro to know?"
"Hey, a bride has to have her secrets."
Later that evening Shiro was trying to do research on the Mongols.  Keyword being try.
"Gaah!  Why is this so hard for me?  I know she'll say yes to me and I love her."  Shiro would have kept angsting but he got an e-mail from Kamina.  He invited him for a double date at a mall.
Thanks for the invite.  I do need to buy some things for a trip.  It's been awhile since we talked and I'm eager to meet Kycilia.
After sending the e-mail Shiro looked at the ring box he bought.  "Maybe I should call my love," he thought picking up his phone.
"Hey Merui."
"Hey Shiro.  Did you find any data on the weapons?"
"Oh uh, no; I've been thinking about something else."
"Oh.  That's fine.  I found some interesting facts.  Did you know the Mongols invented the composite short bow?"
"No I didn't.  Hey Rui."
"Yes love?"
"Do you uh…like my last name?"
"Yeah.  It works great with my name.  Merui Takayama sounds awesome as well as Lucas-Takayama.  Actually I think Shiro Lucas works too."
"So you would like to change your name?"
"Depends, is it your name?"
They both laughed.  
"Shiro I know we are both young but I do love you," Merui said before blowing him a kiss.  "I am glad we are getting a chance to meet up with Kycilia and Kamina.  I've not seen her in awhile.  I am curious about her boyfriend."
"I guess I'm curious about Kycilia myself."
"She's a real fujoshi.  She sells yaoi and yuri at cons."
"That is geeky."
"Not like we're one's to talk.  We were the one's who got angry at a guy on an MMO."
"You have a point.  I'll talk to you tomorrow.  Remember I'm coming over Wednesday.  I love you," Shiro said also blowing Merui a kiss."
After Merui hung up Shiro went back to research.  "No matter what, Merui loves me.  I get this feeling that we'll be together forever," Shiro thought before finding out some data on the Silk Road.  "Man Marco Polo was a lucky guy well until he got captured in Italy."
Sorry for the wait, DA was blocked at camp
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Can't wait for the double date! ^_^ As always, great job! Shiro and Merui are so lovey dovey <3 I love Kycilia! I'm a geek too :D
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That you are. But I like that :hug:
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Welcome. Maybe meet a cute guy at school (wait do you like girls? I iz not perv)
fieryelle's avatar
hahahaha, well not really O.0 haha...a cute guy huh?...I've never really met a cute guy O.O at school
Kefka-VI's avatar
Oh. Maybe try online dating. Wait you're ion High school right (wild guess)
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haha...I don't date online although I'd probably try roleplaying but I've never actually tryed roleplaying before :/ but I feel like it's not actual love when you're dating online
:| and yes I am in high school ^.^
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Actually my friends and I are doing and RP if you wnat to join. Just notre me a character and yeah. I had a grilfriend online we're no longer talking...
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Ooh, Travis is as cranky as always. Love that guy. XD The friends look pretty interesting. Looking forward to the date~
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Oh guess what anime the fiend's names are from.
Kamina is from Gurren Lagann. Guess teh other one.
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I like the dream scene; it's very cute.
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thanks. Honestly I was worried since death usually doesn't=cute
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