Meeting the Parents Chapter 2

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Meeting the parents Chapter 2
       Shiro was holding his love's hand as they slowly walked to the game store. Now, Shiro, like most guys who have had their first girlfriends, was having a hard time focusing on the world around him.  After all he was holding the hand of the most beautiful woman in the universe, and she was wearing a cute dress.  He was so distracted by her beauty that her words went over his head.  So much so that she grabbed his ear to get his attention.
              "Hey babe we're at the store so let's grab some games," Merui said with excitement.
              "Uh okay; so what are you thinking of buying?"
              "Well I have 80 bucks left so I am buying two copies of that new fighting game for the GSP," Merui said as she picked up the two games and handed them to the clerk.
              "Un thanks, but you didn't have to get me a copy."
              "Hey who said it was for you.  I might want a copy in case I lose mine."  At this Shiro started crying.
              "I'm just kidding, love. I got you a copy so we'll have something do to on the way down to your aunt's house."  At this Shiro hugged her.
              "Don't do that ever again.  Wait, counting those 90 dollar dresses and the 20 dollar books, you spent 190 dollars on me."
              "Relax, love.  The dresses were to impress your parents and the books were for our project.  Basically I'm buying stuff for us.  Also I was planning on this for two weeks."
              "Well, that does explain how long you spent working after school.  Maybe I could work with you this week."
              "Well we should be working on our project two of those days and if I'm coming with you then. On Friday I need to pack. How about we work on Monday and Tuesday?  That way the time for school and for work is equal. Besides on Wednesday my parents invited you for pizza."
              "That is surprisingly well planned for you.  I mean you are quite impulsive."
              "Hey I'm quite good at time management.  I mean I was able to coordinate our work times for our Greece project."
              "I guess.  Hey I forgot to tell you how well that dinner I had with my parents went."
              "Oh that dinner you were excited for last weekend.  Why'd you forget?"
              "I was busy, uh, picking out something.  Yeah. Totally preoccupied with said thing that I forgot."
              "Now that isn't like you.  Meh, so anyways how'd it go?"
              "It went really well.  We went to a good Chinese restaurant and we talked; mostly about you."  At this Merui blushed.
              "Relax; just questions about who you are, etc.  They really wanted to meet you; however, since they are only free on weekends that is where the whole aunt visit thing came up."  
              "Oh sorry, I was just thinking it was personal stuff that I couldn't defend myself against."
              "Nah, my parents aren't like that."  Shiro then looked at his cell phone we should probably head back home.  Shiro then leaned forward and kissed her.  "I love you," they said in unison.
              As soon as she walked through the door, Merui quickly hopped to her computer hoping that Oda was online and that Shiro wasn't.
              Luckily as soon as she logged in, Oda was waiting for her.
              "So did you get what I needed set up?"  Merui's character Rui said.
              "Yes, although I still don't know why you are doing this.  But hey, I'm not one to judge.  You should be receiving e-mails about the couples PVP tournament."
              Rui then randomly hugged Oda.  
              "Oh thank you so much, Travis."
              "You're welcome but please don't use my real name."
              "Sorry just got a little carried away. I hope Fiona likes the quest.  Anyways, Fiona sent me e-mail so I need to go check it.  Thanks again."
              Meanwhile while in Shiro's room he was tensely examining the box he bought.
              "What if she says no?  What if she hates me?  God, this is hard," Shiro thought.  "Maybe I'll see if Rui wants to go questing."  
              After sending her an e-mail and getting a response, he logged in.  
              "Oh hi Fiona," Merui said grabbing her hand.  "I found something you might like.  There is a special PVP tournament for couples today.  First match is in 10 minutes.  The prize is a special quest."  
              "I don't know.  PVP isn't really my thing."
              "Oh crap if he doesn't enter than we can't do the quest," Merui thought as her mind was racing.
              "Well this was mostly to show how close people are.  And well I heard that the quest is a one time thing.  Besides you are really good at healing.  Actually there is a legend about this quest.  Apparently if a couple completes it then they are truly united forever."
              "Does she really mean that she want to…well I guess there is only one way to find out," Shiro thought.
              "You're not really giving much of a choice then.  But I guess it couldn't hurt."
              "Great! Let's head to the arena."
              Their first match was against two demon males who were each level 55.  Now, demons had attacks that were devastating to knights. Luckily once an angel character reaches level 60 they learn a spell called Holy Meteor which is super effective against demons.  Said spell sent the demons to their critical state which then Rui finished off with a sword swipe.
              "Well that was an easy quarter final.  Just two more matches to go," Rui said, cleaning off her blade.
              The next match was against two female level 56 guardians.  Now, this class has attacks that are devastating to angel characters so they tried to double team Fiona.  
              "Hey you bastards! Keep your hands off my husband!" Rui yelled as she sliced through both Guardians with her million cuts.  Knights are very good against guardians so this attack worked.  They fell quickly and a message popped up on Shiro's computer that they won.  However Shiro was too preoccupied with Rui's comment to notice.
              "Does she really think of me that way?" Shiro thought.  "Maybe she'll accept."  Quickly noticing that the finals were about to start Fiona kissed Rui and the final began.
              The opponents were a female demon and a male guardian who were each level 65.  The demon quickly pounced on Rui and the guardian did the same to Fiona so she couldn't cast her spells.  
              "You two are going down.  My boyfriend and I are going to kill you both!" the demon yelled as Rui's and Fiona's HP gauges lowered.  
              "I'm going to enjoy this," shouted the male guardian as he was about to land a sword on Fiona.  
              "Oh hell no!" Rui screamed as she summoned up power almost out of nowhere.
              "No one hurts my love and gets away with it!"  As she said this she used the level 60 knight power which although it lowered her HP to 1, gave her enough of a boost to strike down the guardian and do slight damage to the demon; just enough that Fiona was able to cast Holy Meteor and end the match.  
              "We did it Rui," Fiona announced.
              "Yeah we did," Rui responded by kissing Fiona.  
              Oda then teleported in front of the two champions interrupting their kiss.
              "Congratulations you two! You proved your love was the strongest and your reward is the access to the unity quest and these special rings."
              In both of the character's inventories showed up a special item; engagement rings.
Chapter two of my ShiroxMerui story.
© 2010 - 2021 Kefka-VI
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Uwahhh! They are truly the perfect couple :meow:Can't wait to see what happens next...oh yeah and have you ever gone to You should post your stories there! :D
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I don't post anything but I'm Kefka VI there. They don't have a category for this game (it's an independent Ren Ai game)
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Ohhhh... Yah I searched it up and they don't seem to have this game :L
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It's okay though, I have this great story instead!
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ARe you gonna favorite this?
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Ooh~ in-game scenes. Nice. It's cute to see them together online still. ^o^ Also, Oda cameos are always in style. XD
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Yeah. Can you guess what Rui is planning?
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Mn...not yet. I look forward to seeing how it unfolds~ ^.^
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thanks. I'll update later this week. Maybe Friday
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Looks great. Good to see some more development and plot. *Cheers* The tournament was a cute idea!
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