Meeting the Parents Chapter 1

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Meeting the parents Chapter 1
Merui walked into class holding her boyfriend Shiro's hand.  They were dating for two months and were both very happy.  They met on a project on Greece and were also party members in Rivenvell Online.  Together they beat a troll named Alistar and have now reached level 60.  Usually Shiro would wake her up when she dozed off in class but today was different.  As soon as they sat down Shiro appeared to pass out.
Well this is weird. Normally Shiro wakes me up not the other way around.  I wonder why he's so tired, Merui thought as she was shaking Shiro.  "Wake up sweetie.  The teacher is assigning a project."
After about a minute he finally woke up.
"Uh waa , she's assigning a project?" Shiro yelled as he jumped up almost immediately.  
"Yes something I guess on China or something."
"Oh sorry; I really need to stay awake better.  Why don't you pick the topic since I chose last time?"
"Well I was thinking maybe the Mongols.  Warrior cultures always fascinated me."
"Actually that is a hell of a lot better than my idea which was the Shang Dynasty. "
"Great we've got a topic.  Um Shiro," Merui said blushing, "Can we talk after class, I want to ask you about a couple of things?"  
"Uh sure, besides I actually made lunch for you."
At lunch Shiro takes out two thermoses of soup.  
"Just some microwave soup.  Nothing too big just some chicken noodle canned soup."
"It's fine love." Merui then slurped some.  "Wow this is good, is this why you're tired?"
"Uh yeah.  I needed to wait till my dad got home so we could go to a convenience store.  He's very good at picking out soups."
Merui than leaned forward and kissed him.  "Thanks.  That actually leads into my next question, can I meet your parents sometime.  I just think that well we've been dating for a bit and well I would like to see them.
"Uh actually, we actually were going to go on a trip next weekend.  My parents want me to visit my aunt in the next state over.  They think I should bring you.  Of course your parents would have to approve," Shiro said blushing almost a blood red.  
I've never spent so much time with Shiro before.  I mean his parents are going to be there but I'm not sure if my mom and dad would like it.  
"I'll need to go check with them first."  Merui was blushing hard at the thought of being with Shrio for a weekend.  She decided to change the subject before it got too awkward.  
"Want to go shopping later and pick up some books?  I need to buy some clothes and a game myself."
"Uh sure love; I am kind of tired though so I might need something to pick me up."
"I'll buy you a soda.  I got a fair bit of cash from working with Travis."
"Why would he pay you?"  Shiro was quite confused.
"Apparently the school for donations was trying to have a massive game tournament.  I was helping raise money.  He's been a lot more sociable ever since his mom took a turn for the better."
"Wait his mom was sick?" Shiro replied confused.
"Yeah that's why he left his old school.  Your dad saved his mom.  He was the lead surgeon and got a large tumor out of her right breast. "
"Wow, I had no idea.  I thought he left due to trouble or something."
"He's like you in that he didn't want to burden people. "
After school ended they went to the mall and headed to the ice cream shop.  They bought some ice cream and soda.
"So which store should we hit first?" Shiro asked licking his peanut butter ice cream.  
"Well I need to buy a dress.  So I should probably hit it first so I have enough money for games and books."  
I wonder why she needs one.  Is she trying to impress my parents? Shiro thought.
"I'll be right out so please wait outside the changing room."
In about 5 minutes she comes out wearing a black sailor dress with a white tie.
"Do you like it?  I know your parents would like if I was wearing a Japanese dress so…"
Shiro then just randomly hugs her.  "You look beautiful.  They'll like it."
"Thanks.  I'm not really used to wearing dresses.  Although I think this might have made me want to wear them more often."  She walked out with the dress and another one that was white with a black tie.  "Well luckily they were five dollars off so I could afford two.  Now let's get those books.  After paying for the dresses she went back into the changing room.
"I decided I'm gonna wear the black one around today for our date," Merui said noticing Shiro's blush.
I've always thought she was good looking but now I realize how lucky I am.  
"Uh okay; I do feel a little underdressed though."
"It's okay.  It makes you look cuter," she said curtsying.  She then grabbed Shiro's hand and ran off to the bookstore.   
"So love, I was thinking," Merui said as she was shuffling through the books, "I want my parents to approve of this trip.  Where are we going? What kinds of hotel accommodations are being arranged?"  
"Oh, we'll just be staying in the state capital.  And no we won't have our own room."
"Oh," Merui said looking down.  "I was kind of hoping we would have our own room."  Quickly she realized what she was implying.  "Not like that just for us to cuddle in private.  Although my parents would be reluctant to have us be alone.  What does your aunt do?"
"She's a surgeon at the hospital there." He sighed.  "I feel inadequate sometimes.  My mom invented a system for the navy that allows planes to land almost automatically on carriers and my dad is one of the best surgeons in terms of removing tumors.  But I'm just an ordinary," he said before getting cut off by a kiss.
"You are you.  I love you because you are kind and protect me.  Not cause of what your parents do.  You are smart kid.  You are number one in our class and let's not forget who idea it was that had the idea that got us the best project in the class."
"I guess you are right.  Heh I guess I'm remarkable," Shiro responded kissing her back.  
"Just stop being so hard on yourself.  Anyways I heard your birthday is coming up.  Just trying to think of what I can do."
"Being with me is all I can ask."
Merui kissed him as they paid for their books.
Okay this is a fanfic for Sake Visual's game RE. Alistar.
© 2010 - 2021 Kefka-VI
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Umm..No offense but there is too much kissing.
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Awwwwe! thats soo cute! im gonna go read chapter 2 now!
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^_^ you were right: this game was sooo fun! And this story is pretty good too
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that's freaking awesome must read chap 2
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Yeah it's based off of this game [link]
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You're welcome
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So yeah. Like it so far?
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When do you think you'lll get to the other chaps. Night
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Merui and Shiro are so loving <3 :love: So cute ^_^ Great Story! :clap: Off to read Chapter 2! :wOOT:
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Yeah. I hope for a nerdy girlfriend like Merui
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You will find her someday! :pat:
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How about you, got a nerdy girl or boyfriend?
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No, unfortunately :dohtwo:
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Oh. That sucks. Maybe go see if a cute girl or guy is in the manga section
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I've read tons of shoujo and I haven't actually read one that's captured my attention except for two! :D Akuma to love song and Watashi ni XX Shinasai!
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Try my girlfriend's a geek
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Cute! I like how you tied the families together. ^o^ I added it to the group's favorites.
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Yay RE: Alistair fanfiction! Interesting so far. :D
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