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Rune Factory 2 Aria and Leonel
"Hmm what should I put on the request board.  Aria I like you.  No to overt.  I gotta thank Orland for teaching me that word.  Hmm I guess, can I tell you something.  Yeah that'll work"
I have always been shy.  I probably got that from my mom.  She's was so shy my dad said the first time he ever saw her eyes was their wedding.  
I am worried about Aria though.  She wasn't at school.  "Hmm I really should get her something for Aria.  To show I like her."
I was about to head home when I passed by the church and I saw Aria wearing a long purple dress.  She also was   
"Oh hey Leonel.  You're probably wondering why I'm dressed up.  Well my parents decided to renew their vows today.  You know with my dad disappearing and all.  But hey it was fun.  And they tossed me the bouquet."
Hmm I remember when mom and d
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Meeting the Parents Chapter 7
"Merui calm down.  Sorry but your heavy breathing is  making it hard for me to tie this," Shiro said
"Hey I can't help it, I'm meeting your grandparents for the first time.  I hope they approve of us," Merui said admiring her dress.  She was dressed up in a fancy black kimono with a gold sash. The floral pattern was red.  "I really need to thank your parents for this."
"Yeah." Shiro then grabbed his fiance's hand. "Trust me they will like us."
"Wow I want that kimono," Merui thought as she woke up from an afternoon nap and then remembered that she had a double date tonight.
"Hmm what should I wear.  I mean Kycillia wanted to dress up as Rin and wait I know."
She put on a Len sailor cosplay and called Kycillia to discuss a plan.
Kamina and Shiro waited by the game store growing impatient.  
"Where are they?  They were supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago."
"Calm down Kamina.  I'm sure they're on
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MG Deathscythe and MG Zaku II by Kefka-VI MG Deathscythe and MG Zaku II :iconkefka-vi:Kefka-VI 1 25
Meeting the Parents Chapter 6
Merui went back to sleep after Shiro left to get breakfast and woke up to her phone alarm.  Unfortunally it was California Girls.
"Damn you Shiro.  You know how annoying that song is," Merui thought as she saw that her silver nightdress was hung up.  "Oh  I guess my parents might think we did something if he was wearing my clothes."
She walked down and saw Shiro casually eating a bowl of Chex.  "Oh hey Rui.  Where are your parents?"
"Oh they leave early for work.  We probably should get a move on."
"Okay.  I'm gonna change.  Can you get the notes?  By the way your regular clothes look particularly nice."
"But I wear this everyday."
"I know but you still look nice."
"Same to you then."
"Oh and Merui, why did you sleep in your pigtails?"
"Oh…eep I forgot.  I usually let it down but I guess I was so excited. "
"Oh you are cute anyways."
Later at school Kamina and Kycillia wal
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Meeting the Parents Chapter 5
"What?  Repeat that please cause I think I heard something wrong?" Shiro said baffled.
"I said do you want to stay over since your parents won't be around?" Mr. Lucas replied.
"But I'm a boy staying overnight…"
"Sorry to cut you off but you are also a boy who wants to spend the weekend with her, with your parents.  I trust them but you need to earn my trust."
"Okay fine," Shiro sighed.  
"So love we should probably get back to work."  
"Yeah we should.  I need to go get my things from my house though."
"That's fine.  I need to get my notes and change."
After Shiro left, Merui put on her sky blue nightgown and kept sewing her veil.  "Man this is hard.  But luckily I already have a small veil.  I just need a little more so I can put it over my face."  She sewed for a half hour till she heard a knock.  "Oh crap I need to grab my notes."
Hastily gathering all the notes, she le
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Meeting the Parents Chapter 4
Chapter 4.
"Shiro wake up," a beautiful woman with red twin tails ordered as she opened the curtains.
"Ugh five more minutes honey."
"No way sweetie after all we have to take our engagement pictures before we head to class."
"Oh crap I forgot about that," he replied jumping out of bed.  
"It's okay love.  I know that I can hardly believe that we're engaged," the woman replied repeatedly mouthing Merui Takayama.
"Well technically we agreed to marry each other five years ago."
"I know.  I guess we're celebrating being financially and emotionally well off to get married?"
"Well that is worth something," Shiro replied laughing as he put on his coat.  "By the way that purple dress is cute."
"Thanks love," Merui replied before giving him a kiss.
That kiss ended up acting as a "kick" because Shiro then woke up.
"Man I did like that dream.  Is it an omen that Merui will accept and be together?  I hope she accepts," Shiro thought glimp
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A very short ChyioxKagura fic
"Summer's here," Osaka said with her usual airheaded tone to no one in particular.  Her first year of college was going well so far and she was looking forward to seeing her friends again.  
"Man I could really go for some melon bread right now."  Luckily for her she saw a convinence store was advertising cheap bread.  As she walked in down the aisle she bumped into Kagura.  And by bumped it was more like a full collision.  Kagura passed right out.
"Gaah I killed Kagura.  I really need to bury the body."  
"Dammit Osaka you really are clumsy.  I'm not dead anyways.  So how's school?"
"Surprisingly my grades aren't that bad.  I guess talking about children reminds me of Chyio-chan."
"Oh that reminds me, Chyio is coming back tomorrow.  I am really tense, should I dress up, should I buy her a gift?" Kagura said her speech getting more rushed.
"And you accuse me of losing
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MG Sword Impulse by Kefka-VI MG Sword Impulse :iconkefka-vi:Kefka-VI 0 27
Meeting the Parents Chapter 3
An old woman lay dying in her casket with her wedding veil over her face.   Her three children and her five adult grandkids have gathered around her to see her off.  
"I Merui Takayama am proud to have lived with you for 87 years.  But now I must go see my husband."
"I love you mom," all three of her kids said.
"I love you too," as the old Merui breathed her last,  
At this Merui woke up.  "Well that was an odd dream," Merui thought.  "At least I marry Shiro and have kids.  Actually if that was my future then I would like it."
"Okay let's see, Travis e-mailed me saying that he needs my help Monday.  I'll go reply"
Sure I'll help out if Shiro can too.  It would be a hell of a lot more fun running a gamer tournament than folding envelopes.
P.S. Thanks for the tournament invite.
She was about to take off her silver nightdress when Travis e-mailed her back.
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Meeting the Parents Chapter 2
Meeting the parents Chapter 2
       Shiro was holding his love's hand as they slowly walked to the game store. Now, Shiro, like most guys who have had their first girlfriends, was having a hard time focusing on the world around him.  After all he was holding the hand of the most beautiful woman in the universe, and she was wearing a cute dress.  He was so distracted by her beauty that her words went over his head.  So much so that she grabbed his ear to get his attention.
              "Hey babe we're at the store so let's grab some games," Merui said with excitement.
              "Uh okay; so what are you thinking of buying?"
              "Well I have 80 bucks left so I
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B-day models. by Kefka-VI B-day models. :iconkefka-vi:Kefka-VI 3 6
Meeting the Parents Chapter 1
Meeting the parents Chapter 1
Merui walked into class holding her boyfriend Shiro's hand.  They were dating for two months and were both very happy.  They met on a project on Greece and were also party members in Rivenvell Online.  Together they beat a troll named Alistar and have now reached level 60.  Usually Shiro would wake her up when she dozed off in class but today was different.  As soon as they sat down Shiro appeared to pass out.
Well this is weird. Normally Shiro wakes me up not the other way around.  I wonder why he's so tired, Merui thought as she was shaking Shiro.  "Wake up sweetie.  The teacher is assigning a project."
After about a minute he finally woke up.
"Uh waa , she's assigning a project?" Shiro yelled as he jumped up almost immediately.  
"Yes something I guess on China or something."
"Oh sorry; I really need to stay awake better.  Why don't you pick the topic sin
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Mue B-day Gift by Kefka-VI Mue B-day Gift :iconkefka-vi:Kefka-VI 0 6 Model Group shot by Kefka-VI Model Group shot :iconkefka-vi:Kefka-VI 0 5 MG Zeta Base by Kefka-VI MG Zeta Base :iconkefka-vi:Kefka-VI 2 2 MG Zeta stickers by Kefka-VI MG Zeta stickers :iconkefka-vi:Kefka-VI 0 5


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