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awesome! I have seen it is in cc licence, please confirm me if I can use it as an image for a Facebook group on words meaning, it really matches the group mood.

Thank you!
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This such a fantastic shot that it leaves me speechless.

I'm working on a non profit blog used to promote short fiction stories by different authors, and I'd love to use your image. I do not intend to steal it nor use it without permission, and I would understand if you want to keep it copyrighted, but it's there a chance for you to publish it under a creative commons license? or give me permission to use it?
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no problem. Now it under CC
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It's silly, really. When I was little, I used to play with an old, broken typewriter all the time, without even imagining that it would be my biggest dream to write for a living in no time...
Oh, what wouldn't I give for an old-styled typewriter now..! :D I mean, the feeling, the tapping noise... pure love!
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and I don't know where to look...
my words just break and melt.

i love this <3
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This is beautiful. It makes me feel like I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing.
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Great concept and an excellent execution!
Amazing capture!
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Amazing shot!

Love it!
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It makes me think..."all the words, slowly, fall apart...lose its meaning..."
Great shot =)
and these are very beautiful hands! are yours?
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i`m a photographer. how can i shot my hands? :-)
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sometimes I use self-timer to make photos on myself, anyway I understand :P
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Amazing! I love it!
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great photo, I love it!
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i love everything about this, :heart:
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I have such, but it's not working..
anyway, shot is great :thumbsup:
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beautiful photo,love it!
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I love the chaos of the key strokes and the lightness of the hands in contrast.

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thats awsome!!
i love it so much!!!
great work!!
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