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Splatter and Smear

:wow: My first brushpack! :boogie:
I decided to share these with you!
You can never have too much of these!

If you download these brushes, :police:


It will help me do more of this stuff!

Feel free to use these brushes but give me credit.
If you use them in any of your work, please, show me, I would love to see what you've done with them!

13 high-res brushes!
Non-commercial use only
(if commercial E-mail me at
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*is about to put these to use* thank you o3o
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Can't wait to use, thanks
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Used them here: [link]
Thank you!
Zoe-the-Rune-Wolf's avatar
[link] Badamph. Been wanting to use these for a while, theyre lovely brushes uwu
nayrukaita's avatar
These look fantastic...unfortunetly, they don't work in gimp, which is the only software I use... T_T
But I favorited anyway ^_^ After all, if I had photoshop, I'd definately use them!
Keeyou's avatar
Haha thanks a lot! :la:
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Your brush gave me some great projectile blood, and also replicated stomach goo well:

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Thank you for sharing! I'll be sure to link back if I use them.
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Can these be used with Gimp?
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Dunt think so, you can try but i made them in ps!
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Hi There :wave:
I have featured your brushes in my recent "brush feature" journal. You can view it at the link below:


Thank you for sharing your resources with us :thanks: If you'd rather not be featured in this manner just let me know - otherwise keep up the great work! (I am aware that some of my features converted the brushes and didn't create them from scratch - rest assured I am giving credit to both the artist AND the lovely deviant who converts brushes for fellow deviants to use!)

Warm Regards
Sandi :heart:
aka `oibyrd

PS - Please forgive the impersonal cut-and-paste message - all a part of time management!
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Owh, thanks for the feautre! Very nice, but its not only ps 7 brushes, it works for CS also ;) Thanks for your comment.
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I already got some comments from you saying visit my gallery, u dont have to spam me with more.
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thanks for spamming even more. :chainsaw:
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Great brushes! Thanks Keeyou!

Faved by the way ^_^
Keeyou's avatar
Thank you very much =) too bad ur like the only good person here :tears: I got like 300-400 downloads and 3 favs. yaaay... honest people, i love it.
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спасибо за хорошие кисти
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riiiiiight? :O
neilmcleaf's avatar
i said thanx for brushes on russian
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