Car Accident and Anime Boston

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By keevs
So I was in a car accident yesterday which majorly screwed up my car so it's out of commission.  It wasn't my fault but now I have to deal with insurance companies. There some question who started the accident between two other drivers.  I got hit by one of their cars going out of control.

I should be at Anime Boston if my car is fixed in time or if the other guy's insurance covers rental car.  I have a car I can use during the week but I can't use it for Anime Boston weekend.
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Hope you're ok.
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Erf.  Generally, your insurance is supposed to cover it and then go after the guys when you're not at fault. o-o
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Sorry to hear about the car accident - I hope everything is ok!!!

Hmmm... when is Anime Boston? depending on when it is, I might go visit ;)
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It's Easter weekend March 25-27.  I really need help for Sunday for getting things to the car.  
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Will have to see if I can do it - but i do hope to try! I'll get back to you soon :)
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So any idea?
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Probably not - still stuck doing some work on Saturday :-(
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More important that you are okay.

Hope you make it to AB.
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Yeah little banged up but hopefully my car will be fixed.  But they are saying like 2 weeks for repairs.
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sorry to hear that, but glad you're ok hon
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Yeah just kinda shaken because first accident.  Just a bad time for it to happen since I have cons to do.
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Well i hope things go well and im glad your ok. Hope to see you at AB :3 im gonna be medusa and Umbreon again. 
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Thank you.  Hopefully I can figure something out for anime boston. 
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