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Stream is over but if you want to catch them, follow me on picarto.

Commissions Are Open…
Here is a link for commissions:…
So I was in a car accident yesterday which majorly screwed up my car so it's out of commission.  It wasn't my fault but now I have to deal with insurance companies. There some question who started the accident between two other drivers.  I got hit by one of their cars going out of control.

I should be at Anime Boston if my car is fixed in time or if the other guy's insurance covers rental car.  I have a car I can use during the week but I can't use it for Anime Boston weekend.
Does anybody here have experience with Cricut machines?   Lately I've been using the cricut vinyl paper and laminating that and it seems to be pretty weatherproof.   But will the cricut machine cut the laminated vinyl so I can have rounded corners again?  I know they are just hobby machines but I lack the space for a proper one.

I did put up my old vinyl sticker stock on etsy because some conventions banning them and plus I don't have display room for them.   When I finish testing I will put up the newer ones online.
Store is at…
Due to illness and rotten luck I haven't been going to many conventions.

So upcoming conventions:

Connecticon next weekend
ComiCONN in August.

Also, do you think I should try getting an etsy account?
I am doing better and expect a big art update soon.   I've been busy lately.

So after having computer problems and being being broke.  I finally got back to drawing and started getting to the point which a feel better about taking commissions.  And bam my tablet is dead.  

So look out I going be opening hand-drawn only commissions to cover the cost of a tablet.  

I few I have to work on this week.   So will finish all of those up first.  

I also going find the pen to an intuos 2 tablet to cover the few digital ones I have left.  

Anyway going set up a gallery soon!
I had rotten luck getting into artist alleys this year.  

So I will only be at:
and Gobble Con.
Guess who got a new computer.  So more drawing and internet times.
I would like to have some t-shirts printed up to sell at otakon.

Which online services do people suggest?
Sorry I know people are looking for commissions.  I just realized that it's a very busy week.  

I will be at Nekocon Nov 5-7 with my buddy :icongooberglade:.  

Her sites are:
So my cell phone has finally died which really sucks.  It's from 2001 and the plan with the best plan possible  for me.  I can't simply replace it without changing the plan and frankly I can't afford most plans.   The old plan was prepaid which I had to stick $30 on it every 3 months.  I usually have $1-5 left after each 3 month period. I'm just not a phone person and I barely text.

So I need a new prepaid plan that is  closest to my old one as possible.  Any suggestions?

Also I'm going reopen commissions on Sunday.
Thank you for the concern over recent situation

We are not ignoring the situation.  We are pursuing the matter in a legal manner.

The site was inform.


Other news my car missed being smashed by a tree for the second time in the last 3 months.  Trees like falling in my assign parking spaces.
Sorry I haven't been online lately.  I actually lacked a working computer for many months. Then I decided to stay off the internet to get some artwork done for the busy summer con season.  That was mostly those new cat  designs.

So I went to animenext and connecticon and sold those new designs. (Cat designs were also sold with permission at anthro-con at a dealer's table but I wasn't there)

So now here is the DRAMA PART of the post.  

A fairly notorious artist (with an ED page) brought some of the cat items at animenext.  Since this person was notorious, I uploaded the cat images onto DA the first second I got.   Well my paranoia was not unfounded. The certain person clearly copy one of the designs and won a contest with it. According to ED this isn't the first time they did that.

Also I will be at otakon this year.

Also this is a warning to artists to be careful about these people.
I got a table for Anime Boston.  I was originally on the waiting list but somebody must of dropped out.  

So cons this year will  be:

Anime Boston: Apr 2-4
Castle Point Anime Con: April 11
Otakon: July 30 - August 1

I might add more to the list.
I decided to do a kiriban for 40,000 pageview..

Winner IM-SteelAngel
So I have like 4000 messages now.   I think I should actually go through my message center.  

Sorry I've been so quiet lately, well I'm not one for comments to start with.  I really haven't been around much due to work.  

I will be at genericon next weekend. It's a nice small con in upstate ny.  I won't have a table at animeboston this year but I might actually attend.

Back from Chicago

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 13, 2009, 6:19 AM

Well I got back from Chicago.  I spent most of the time in car repair place.  Chicago has nasty potholes that rip my transmission line and broke a stabilizing bar in the back. Worst this happen on I-90 and we barely made it into the break down lane.  

The transmission is still leaking so I can't drive very far with the car now.  I need to drive over to wal mart to get bottle of transmission fluid to keep handy.  Not sure if the car  can make it.   

Going up to Boston tomorrow to visit my oh so cute niece.  I'm not going in my car.  

I'm going open up commissions on Monday.  I have two people to do first.  There were a few people interested.

I'm also going set up a store and sell magnets and bookmarks of the cat images.  

I see DA is letting "freeloaders" try out the skins.

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak
So what is everybody dressing up as this year?

I'm going be Marty McFly.


Journal Entry: Thu Feb 19, 2009, 4:13 PM

I'm not a talkative person so I rarely comment or reply. Don't be offended, some people don't like comment and I'm one of them.


So my sub is going end soon. So I decided to do a quick feature journal. This is pretty random one.


Mature Content

Purinko by neobunny
PSU - New Tessa by neobunny Magical Marie by neobunny

zane and goss MQ test by rumtummy accidental ninja by rumtummy Rideback Fanart1 by rumtummy

Tissue, Sir? by JesIdres Chibi Dance in the New Year by JesIdres The Dread Pirate...Rose? by JesIdres


Ayame's Tank Trouble by ExpiredPopsicle Huge Guts by ExpiredPopsicle A Pillow and its Catgirl by ExpiredPopsicle

Kong at Bridge Redux by rem-dog

Mature Content

Flashman by rem-dog
Evil Inc by rem-dog

Kureha 4 by foo-dog Deities of Yamata by foo-dog Kuchinagimaru 2 by foo-dog

layered leaf earrings by thebluekraken Big computer brain by thebluekraken:thumb107583338:

PakkuNaruHina Sankyuu by randymonki Red Mage Girl +Ink experiment by randymonki Lost Fantasy page 1 Preview by randymonki

Sorry  I might have miss some people.

:heart: Friends:heart:


:heart: RIP :heart:

:thumb58200634: :thumb36410592: + Reportin Ur Arts Stamp + by Glittercandy
The Procrastination Stamp by Busiris Read Before You Comment by LeoLeonardo :thumb72151943:
I Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31d
Atheist is Not a Bad Word by stampystampy Invisible Pink Unicorn by stampystampy Flying Spaghetti Monster by stampystampy Daria Stamp by LightningRyu


Journal Entry: Sat Jul 12, 2008, 11:26 AM

Today I decided to organize my friends list.  As I was going through it, I realized most people I watch are my old artfu/mta&d people.  I really need to be more social.

Anyway since I have a neat journal.  I decided to  feature 5 people today.  Today's theme is  artfu/mta&d people.

I actually have more people to do but I 'm only going do 5 right now.  

She's a really funny artist and is willing to draw almost anything if it makes her laugh.  She also draws the sexiest Guy-sensei around.

:thumb69533758: :thumb69532996: :thumb71081882:

Also she made a really cute comic.

Iruka's style has blossom over the time I first saw her work.
It's a beautiful and whimiscal style that features bold colors and dynamic elements.

Fearless by L-MakesArt Got the flag back color by L-MakesArt Writhe by L-MakesArt  


Divi has a really cute and curvy style.  
Cotton Candy Choko by divi -Kumu- by divi Happy Holidays 2007 by divi


Zackri is a cartoony comicbook style with curvy ladies and lots of expressions.

amaterasu by ZackRI Teknopathic by ZackRI


Dash-x has some very interesting character designs and 3d works.  His gallery is full of action pack images.

Naomi Kumo by Dash-X Deca by Dash-X Holy Assassin by Dash-X

:heart: Friends:heart:


:heart: RIP :heart:

:thumb58200634: :thumb36410592: + Reportin Ur Arts Stamp + by Glittercandy
The Procrastination Stamp by Busiris Read Before You Comment by LeoLeonardo :thumb72151943:
I Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31d
Atheist is Not a Bad Word by stampystampy Invisible Pink Unicorn by stampystampy Flying Spaghetti Monster by stampystampy Daria Stamp by LightningRyu
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