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Fallout 3 // Travel Kit

Os presento el Kit de Viaje que realicé junto a mi novio para la graduación de su hermana, la cual es una gran fan de Fallout 3.
// Travel Kit that I made with my boyfriend for the graduation of his sister, who is a huge fan of Fallout 3.
:pointr: Check out my Website  for download the designs and watch a video process! :popcorn: 

Vault Boy Bills + Nuka Caps // Fallout 3 Props by KeevanskiBoxes // Fallout 3 Props by KeevanskiLED Quantum // Fallout 3 Props by KeevanskiTravel Case // Fallout 3 Props by Keevanski
Nuka Cola Quantum v.2 // Fallout 3 by KeevanskiGOAT Exam // Fallout 3 Props by Keevanski ... Complete Gallery Here!

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Damn, this BRILLIANT!

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I saw your YouTube videos :)
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Ahh hi keevanski these were probably the BEST Fallout prop imo how long did it take you to complete that remember me from YouTube? Sub to me plzz its Gordy Aug 12 PanzerDvsn801

how much is itfor sale? Just Kid I know you gave it to someone

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Lovely simply lovely
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Hello Keevanski, and may I just say, WOW this is amazing! And I would like to ask for permission to use some of your images on a website for a Garry's Mod server I'm working for. The server is based off of Fallout. The owner of the server and I are fans of your work and would use your images for background and side art. I will put "Image by Keevanski" under every image I use of yours and will put a link to this site and/or your profile page on the bottom of the home page if you agree to let us use your images. I will not use any of your images without your permission, and we will always be fans of your work.
Keevanski's avatar
Oh hey! Thanks again! You have a new message in your inbox :giggle:
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So cool!
I'm a big Fallout fan, too. I love the weathering on all of the items.
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Thank you so muuuuuch, I'm glad you like it! :hug:
MennoWittebrood's avatar
Simply great stuff!
Love and hard work that's what I see :)
Keevanski's avatar
Thank you sooo much! :hug:
SkaraManger's avatar I am most jealous XD! Wow I hope they liked it, you are really great with props! amazing finish as well :0 I'm a massive Fallout 3 fan as well, everything is just perfect!
Keevanski's avatar
Hahaha thank you!!! I am a dummy!  Yes, she was so happy with this present. Fallout 3 is one of the best games ever!
SkaraManger's avatar
IKR! haha, I was a wee bit disappointed with the scope of New Vegas, don't get me wrong it's a AWESOME story, but it lacked luster and the massive scale of Fallout 3 I think. I think the guys in Bethesda really know how to make good games eh? I saw a guy as a NCR Veteran with his GF (he made the whole suit) at the last Comic Con I went too, he was a awesome dude we chatted with helmets on XD (I went as a Stormtrooper dude) so I didn't even see his face, but damn it was good to see some Fallout love there. It's a great community of players and it's amazing to see props such as yours, awesome work! Sorry for digressing, you know...spur of the moment. Cheers! 
Keevanski's avatar
Hahaha its no problem! Of course, Bethesda knows how to do it, and watch other cosplays makes me so jealous! I want to do one some day, and ofc, travel to a Comic Con... That events in my country still horrible :( Thanks for your words!
SkaraManger's avatar
Hmm I see..I suppose you could organize an event yourself with a group of friend or do a theme styled fancy dress 'night out' XD of some kind? Yeah I totally get that, I had to travel quite a bit and with people who have large costumes it can get very in-cumbersome. Well all in due time :-) But it's definitely a good experience, I'd recommend going with a friend though just to help and have fun with as well. You will get round to it, just put it on one of the things you want to experience :-D
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Love this.... Excellent. I will make mine.
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Thank you so much!! ^^
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your welcom :3
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This is crazily amazing!
I bet she was extremely happy with her gift!
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Wooow thank youuu! ^^
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Amazing job! I love the case!
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