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Garry (Ib game)

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Published: May 3, 2012
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:rose:behind him was a large painting of a disturbing doll's face.:rose:

"I don't want to lie...
but I don't want to tell the truth either..
If you...need help...
I'll.. come running..
Go on ahead.."
then add this music [link]

my first ending... "together forever" >:'I Seriously I cried when Garry died OTL e_e buhu sad ending for me. ;_;
damn that little brat I mean Mary. OTL eme but in the end I finished all 4 endings >.> and I even saved Garry babeh

:rose:"Ib (pronounced similarly to 'Eve') is a horror adventure game by kouri made in RPG Maker 2000."
:rose:Translated version here: - Ib game <-- after you DL the game open and read first "IB MANUAL".

this was translated by vgperson|youtube: [link]

OuO this is very popular in Pixiv and I saw a lot of Ib Fanarts there. You'll enjoy this game seriously.
sorry I fail in anatomy but dhfkds I will draw better next time.
just got in Pixiv rookie ranking.
woah I have a lot of works to upload *m*)/ meooww ciao
SAI and PS CS3
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DarkRookLobbyHobbyist General Artist
Nice one
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Ram-chamHobbyist Digital Artist
oh my, this is so beautyful! Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Eyes) [V6]  
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iDrawXStudent Digital Artist
Oh my GOD this is fantastic! You’re so talented! <333 aghh!
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theblackcat1007Hobbyist General Artist
*fingerguns* hey~hey~hey~ hunkie! fanasty seeing you garry!
artwork...When the Meme is Just Right 
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UninterestingBlueHobbyist General Artist
This is so good, wth XD But really, good job on this art piece! I absolutely adore it!
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thatk9pandaHobbyist General Artist
I saw this and the first thing to come out my mouth is Garry in the most high pitch little girl voice I could manage. xD
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the blue on the mouth going down is a bit much
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XBusterUpgradeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Why is he eating his rose? Isn't that suicide?
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EphemeralMonochromeHobbyist General Artist
* o * WOW~ Heart 
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Hvang15CloudVHobbyist Artist
Wow! The painting is so good!
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MioponnuHobbyist General Artist
o_o this is so awesome
and whats more awesome, my bf looks like Garry O_O (but has brown hairu) 
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TopHatHexHobbyist Digital Artist
:love: *heart beats a thousand miles a minute*  

alskdfd SO FRIGGIN HOTTTT!!!  I love you Garry!!! ^3^ Chu!
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Ureshii42Hobbyist Artist
When Garry was in the painting…I literally died inside... ; - ;
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Roxie203Hobbyist Artist
hey look :D Garry's doing spurts!!! XD
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tortilllaHobbyist General Artist
This post made me try and love the game. :9
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xLacieStudent Filmographer
asfdgghhj thank you for fueling my feels ;;
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OzumiiStudent Digital Artist
:icontheyfoundmeplz: THIS IS AWESOME
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Ib1Garry2Su3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, I love the colors and blends in this!
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AkaiiDenetsuProfessional General Artist
The way you color is so beautiful~ I love your art!
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SinndragosaHobbyist Artist
Aw why is he bleeding?!!!
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ms20Student Digital Artist
this is cute
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keerouStudent Digital Artist
yay thanks *3*)//
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TheArtisticNoteStudent General Artist
....Garry... ;-;
I love how this looks..a lot.
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