Verses Undone: The Complete Unknown

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There's one place that I'll never call my home
And that's the very bottom of your soul
In my life you left an empty hole
I guess there are some things I'll just never know

Who am I to take the blame?
You're the one with all the shame
This is just like a burnt out flame
I guess things will never be the same

I learned the things you never showed me
Became all the things you'd never be
Maybe one day you will see
All this pain and catastrophe

I took the chances you'd have blown
You're the one who left me all alone
So many of our stories will remain untold
And you remain the complete unknown
This poem is part of my free mini poetry book called "Verses Undone." Click here to view the rest of the poems in this collection. If you like this small collection of poems please consider supporting my writing by purchasing my paid poetry book which contains nearly a hundred original poems that have not been previously published. Please visit my website for more information.
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