Verses Undone: Shackles of Love

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So many thoughts keep spinning around my head
The good, the bad and the unknown
This loneliness and this desolation
Is the equivalent of sitting in my head all alone

Sometimes I wish that you could just leave
Just leave and leave me alone
Other times I'd sew our souls together

All that is left of you now are the scars on my heart
I swear I will tear it all apart!
I carved your name into my arm
Promising you that I would never do you any harm

I carved your name into my soul
Promising you that I would never let you go
But you're the one that let go
You were the only good in me

Now living with myself is all I have.
Do you know what its like
To look at yourself, paralyzed?
This soul is just no good

So I can beg you to save me for all that I am.
Or beg you to save me for the fuck of it.
I know my life will end
But I won't give this life away again
You broke my trust, shattered my existence

So lift up my sleeves and see the pattern of my cuts
My flesh is all I have.
This life is not enough!
You can say that I'm so clever
I'm done with theses endeavours

I'm needing no one's help,
I'm needing only you
Sometimes I can still feel your presence

It still lingers here.
Some days I get so lonely
That the loneliness won't leave me alone
Sometimes it hurts so bad that I can't breathe
I can only tell myself that you still love me

But I don't believe my own lies
Like I believed yours
Don't you miss the way we were?
We promised one-another that we'd love each other forever

Forever didn't last very long
I guess that in the end it didn't really matter
It didn't even matter no matter how hard I tried
You slipped away, and I don't know why

Every time I try to live without you I feel dead
But I can't breathe when I'm with you
So what are we really doing here?
You hesitated
And now I wish that you would just go away

Just leave me here forever in the dark
Was this love just a waste of time?
I guess you'll never get to see my face again
All the miracles you traced

I can't explain what its like
To wonder if I'll ever cross your mind
I loved you so much it hurt
For whatever that it was worth

This can't be heaven, it feels like I'm hell
Looking out the window into the blowing snow
I never thought that hell could be so cold

Just another helpless plea, I beg you
I will love you, forever
The end
Just don't leave me here again

I've seen my world change
And had to watch it go back to where it came
I guess I was just an alternative
Just another option until the past came back
Now I'm in second place for a second chance

I'm tired to chasing delusions
All I need is someone to believe in
You brought me back to life
Only to let me die

They say that the higher you are, the farther you fall
You seemed too good to be true
And I guess you were too

But why pull me up and then tear me down?
I gave you all I had
I gave you all I had to give
I guess I did it all for nothing because now that you're gone away
You didn't even say goodbye to me
Hope is lost
Now all I can do is drown away in my own misery

I keep telling myself that one day you will burn
That one day you will get what you deserve
Some people never learn
Sometimes I just want to make you hurt
Like the way I hurt
I know its sick but it makes me feel better

Sometimes I wish I had never ever met you at all
But all I can say now is
Don't put your life in someone's hands that bound to steal it away
We were supposed to burn the world together
But you were the fire
And I'm the one who burned

All I've ever said was the truth
And yes I really loved you
You must not forget that I hurt too
You said such sweet words
Unlike anything I had ever heard

But I guess it was just a cover-up for corruption and shame
You burned down my perfect little world.
I never thought I was crazy
Until you showed up
I never thought I could love, never thought I could trust

You proved it to me only to prove it to yourself
That you're always better than everyone else
The days can go on forever
And I will never leave your side
Nothing could ever bring me back to life
So save your last goodbyes

I used to feel so loved
Now I'm just screwed up
You shouldn't blame yourself because I guess I deserved it
Although I never thought I'd believe it
Theses millions of memories make up my millions of shattered dreams

I guess that even the brightest light will fade away to black
I guess my love just wasn't enough
Forgive me if I do not understand

One day we'll be lying in the earth
Side by side
But until the end there's only one thing you should know
Je t'aimerais jusqu'à la fin du monde
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