Verses Undone: Once Loved

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It makes me sad to see you like this
It angers me that you have to do this to yourself
I'm sick and tired of having to watch you pass in front of the house
Almost unable to walk a straight line

All I seem to see are the scars on your arms
And the marks around your neck
Your discoloured lips
Your pale white skin

It kills me to see you do this
I don't want to attend your funeral
But it seems like I'll be holding your little hand in your coffin soon
Tears come down my cheeks every time I think of you

I've seen the miracles you could make
And now all I can see is all the pain you have to take
It makes me sick to see you like this
Your smile used to tell me that you were doing so well

Now the track marks on your arms have another story to tell
I used to see your eyes shine in the sunlight
Now you never leave the darkness
How could you go back to this?

Destiny was calling your name
You had the whole world at your feet, waiting for you
Now you're back to chasing delusions with fishing nets
You're so close to breathing your last breath,

I can't seem to let you go but our friendship was something I won't soon forget
You were great
Pleasant to be around
I hope the ones on the other side take you into their arms

And give you all the love you could ever have beyond this world
I'm sad to see that you have to end like this
But I guess now there's nothing more I can say
Because I don't know when it's going to be your last day

But until then I'll make sure to tell the girl on the other side of the mirror
That I once loved her
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