Verses Undone: Love of a Soldier

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I look into his eyes
Before one last goodbye
Another kiss on the lips
And that's it

Now you're leaving
You're leaving
I won't see you for a year
I don't even know if you'll come back here

One year in Iraq
And I'm not sure you'll come back
No matter how many times I wish you luck
I still miss you so much

Everyday I think about you
And I'm sure you think about me too
I fell in love with a travelling soldier
After you go there will be no other

Will I ever see you again?
Will you come home in the end?
Everyday I live in uncertainty
Despite that you tell me not to worry

Will I have to carry your coffin?
To the cemetery, to be buried and forgotten
You'll be one of the many
But you'll always be a part of me

I will always remember you
No matter what the world puts me through
You are my hero
And I will always love you so
This poem is part of my free mini poetry book called "Verses Undone." Click here to view the rest of the poems in this collection. If you like this small collection of poems please consider supporting my writing by purchasing my paid poetry book which contains nearly a hundred original poems that have not been previously published. Please visit my website for more information.
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